I Truly Missed College For The First Time

Back with my first post of my new “schedule.” This is a sort of random post, but I love posting in the moment I am thinking about something.

Yesterday at Jewel (it’s a grocery store), I was telling Connor how I had my first moment of truly missing college this past week. There are moments here and there where I miss college, but I haven’t had a moment like this one where I actually wanted to be back. Typically, it’s Thursday night and I’m sad I’m not out at Brothers with my friends, or I just miss not having Friday classes. Three day weekends every week were the best! Sometimes I miss the restaurants. Sometimes I miss living in Bloomington and not relying on public transit. I also miss the basketball games a lot too, mostly because the IU basketball team is the only team where I know most of the players names.

This moment of actually missing college was one where I would want to be back in college doing it all. I’d say my best college memories were freshman and sophomore year. That’s definitely the part of college I was missing. A friend sent me a Snapchat memory from a party we went to sophomore year and that’s when it hit me. I miss the carefree life I lived. I miss that routine I had where I would wake up super early and stay up super late, but still be the most productive I have been in my life.

I miss the walks to class from the apartment I shared with my friend, Lauren. I miss going to the potentially terrible parties, but having a fun time because I was with so many friends. I miss putting on my suit and giving presentations I dreaded weeks in advance. I miss the frozen veggies I would warm up and cover in cottage cheese for dinner. That was my all-time favorite meal and it was so random. Sometimes (more like once a week lol) I do the same, but with cauliflower rice.

I guess that is a pretty random description of me really missing college for the first time. I’d say I have adapted pretty well to the working world and it’s treated me alright so far. It’s just crazy to think I will never be in college again and that those 4 years passed so quickly! It’s a good thing there is Homecoming and Little 500 around for those times I want to relive the college days.

4 thoughts on “I Truly Missed College For The First Time”

  1. I miss my junior year the most. It’s when I feel like I really had my life together, I had a great group of friends, and I was involved on campus. I do miss going out on Thursday nights to the bar across the street from school during my senior year.

    Those four years of college are ones that you remember, for good or for bad, and it’s something you miss once you’re a functioning adult with more responsibilities than you had in college. I’m grateful that I’m working back at the university where I went to school because it feels like I never left, which is comforting to me. I’m sure you’re looking forward to Homecoming!

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  2. I was literally just thinking about cottage cheese and veggies the other day! I gotta get some to make the ”queso” too lol. This post made me happy.

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    1. They were so good! I need to get some of the veggies but I feel like I don’t see them at Aldi. I think I could write a book of all the random adventures we had in college hahaha


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