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My New Blogging Schedule

Happy Friday! I am my best self on Friday. I’m not sure why, but I’m so happy and so motivated on Friday. I jump out of bed, race to work, smile all day, and feel good about the week. Today I was thinking how I really don’t have a solid blogging schedule.

I have definitely been more consistent this past year, but I think a schedule would be super helpful for me! I’d say I post 2 to 3 times a week, but it’s more sporadic. I always have random bursts of creativity throughout the week, so that has pretty much planned my blog posts thus far. However, I want to try implementing a schedule so I can plan out posts and be more consistent.

I am thinking Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I almost always post on Sunday with my weekend recaps/highlights. That is something I want to continue as I hope to have so many cool adventures in 2019. I already have some planned out, so stay tuned. Tuesday and Thursday just seem reasonable in addition to Sunday.

Let me know what you think about this new schedule. For those of you who plan out your blog posts more and set a schedule, what are your opinions on keeping a more set plan? Anything you don’t like? I hope you all have the best weekend and I will catch back up with you all on Sunday!

3 thoughts on “My New Blogging Schedule”

  1. I like having a set plan for my blog. My regular schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If absolutely necessary, I’ll stray from that schedule but 99% of the time that’s when I’m posting. And I try to get a head start on the upcoming week’s posts over the weekend and schedule them out. I think having a schedule keeps you on track and holds you accountable for posting consistently. I think you have a good plan set up!

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    1. I think it will be helpful for me because I always post so randomly. Like some weeks I post 3 days in a row and others I barely post at all!! I like the idea of working on posts on the weekend to schedule. I might try that out too! 😊

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