Instagrammable Spots in Chicago

This is a post have been thinking up for awhile. I love Instagram and taking photos of my adventures and food. Chicago has been a great place for me to do just that, so I wanted to share some fun places you can get a great Insta. Some of these are obvious. Some are my personal favorites. Some are off the beaten path of classic Chicago spots. And others are just fun. I imagine someday I will make a part 2 to this post because I am constantly finding new things I love to take photos of!

Starting out with the most basic Chicago photo opp…

The Bean

I honestly love The Bean. I think it is so cute and it is definitely a must-see spot in Chicago. There are so many ways you can get a good Instagram at The Bean. You can take a picture in front of it, get a view with the city like this one, or take a reflection picture. It may be one of the more touristy spots, but it is a must-see and great for Instagram.

Sky Deck

The Sky Deck is probably the number one “touristy” thing I wanted to do in Chicago. Luckily, I got to go during a work event, which was so cool! I would definitely pay the 24 dollars to go. I plan on going back with Connor during the summer on a sunny day! The nighttime view is cool too because you get to see all of the buildings lit up. It is a great spot to get an Instagram of the city or of yourself with the city below you!

Bombo Bar

You all know how much of a foodie I am, so there will definitely be some food related spots you need to check out for a cute Instagram. I have wanted to go to Bombo Bar since last summer. Basically, it has gelato, giant hot chocolates, and donuts. It is a little window outside of Bar Siena and is super cute in general. I definitely recommend the “bombolini” (pictured below).

“Greetings From Chicago” Mural in Logan Square

I think this is my favorite mural in Chicago so far. I love the Greetings Tour murals in general, but I really like this one because it sums up a lot of classic Chicago spots. I also love that it is in an area that isn’t as mainstream as the others. I personally love the areas outside of the city and exploring the neighborhoods, so the fact that this mural is in Logan Square is so cool to me. This mural is located right off the California stop on the Blue Line, so definitely venture away from the city, and check it out.

Eli’s Ark

I am so sad Eli’s Ark is closed for the winter season. I saw this place on a Chicago foodie Instagram and knew I needed to go. It is in the Wicker Park area near some other yummy spots. It is a fun place to get gelato because you can get each scoop to look like a different animal. You can get anything from a bear to a dog to a unicorn. During the holidays, they even had holiday themed scoops. Also, the gelato is delicious. They have the classic flavors, but also have more unique flavors like the sesame pictured below (the bear on the left).

The Hampton Social

I saw the Hampton Social all over Instagram before moving to Chicago last summer. I ended up going with some of my coworkers during our internship. It is located in the River North area, so if you are in the city, it isn’t too far! The neon sign is a huge draw for Instagram and I was pretty excited to take a photo of it when I went. The whole restaurant is super cute, and you should definitely get a glass or rose to really embrace the experience.

“Anything is possible” Mural in Andersonville

I like the positivity behind this mural in Andersonville. Andersonville is quite the walk from the Red Line, but I bet there would be a bus you could take, or you could always Uber. I love Andersonville for its cute shops, its coffee, and this mural. It is on the side of the Jewel Osco, so it really isn’t hard to miss once you get there!

Goddess and The Baker

I have probably blogged about Goddess 10 times by now, but I really love it. It is such a great spots for cute Instagrams. There are cute sayings on the wall that can be great backdrops for coffee picture or just a photo of the sayings. The coffee and food is also super cute. They have lattes with glitter, fun matcha, and colorful food. The rainbow cake was always a big draw for me to go there, so when I finally got to try it and take a photo of it, I was pretty excited! There are two locations in Chicago, but I prefer the one on Lasalle Street!

Pretty Cool Ice Cream

I remember seeing Pretty Cool on Instagram before I moved to Chicago and I knew I needed to go. It is located in Logan Square, so hit up the “Greetings From Chicago” mural, and then walk the 2 or 3 blocks to Pretty Cool Ice Cream. The whole shop is pretty much designed for Instagram. There are colorful walls, fun seating, a magnetic board you can spell words out on, and of course, the ice cream. There are so many colorful ice creams that look great in the shop.

The window seat in the very back of the Brown Line

The Brown Line might be a slower train sometimes, but it definitely provides scenic views. I have always loved getting the seat on the very back of the Brown Line right by the window. When you are moving away from the city, it gives a great view of the buildings. It even looks cool when you are going toward the city because you have the tracks and the train stops in view. This might be a more random place to take an Instagram, but its super easy and looks cool!

There are a bunch of other Instagrammable places in Chicago, but these are some of my favorites. What are you favorite spots for a good picture in Chicago? If you haven’t been to Chicago, or you aren’t from Chicago, what are some of your favorite photo opps?


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