I went to the wndr museum

I went to the wndr museum on Monday with my friend Emi. We started the night off at my favorite ramen place in Chicago, Ramen San. After slurping up our veggie ramen, we headed over to the museum. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but kind of not, if that makes any sense. It is decently close to the West Loop and and The Fulton Market for reference.

We walked through the doors and that is when the experience began. The employees, who all wear white lab coats, scanned our tickets and then welcomed us to the museum. We were first asked to pick a color for a bracelet. It was really just a colorful piece of ribbon. The color was supposed to speak to us and our mood. I chose teal and Emi chose lilac. I will come back to this later.

We started out the actual exhibits in the front room. There were neon letters spelling “wndr” surrounded by flowers, candy machines, people typing out poems, a chalkboard, and these color-changing, squishy lights. There were also some areas for photo opps and some other neon signs. I can see why most of the people there were taking Instagram photos, because it was definitely designed for that.

We wondered through the front room, and then entered the neutrino room. The lady working in that area described the museum as moving from the smallest thing, the neutrino room, to the largest, which was the infinity room. I really didn’t care for the neutrino room. It was kind of bland so I didn’t even get a photo of it.

The next areas all kind of blur together. There was a really shiny area, which looked cool when the light hit it different ways. There was a room which gave the illusion of one person being way bigger than the other. We really likes this one. There was an exhibit made all from straws, which looked really cool. There was a room with rainbow clouds that looked like cotton candy on the ceiling. There was a room with a jungle gym feel, which I really didn’t love. It was too dark and not super unique. The final stretch of these exhibits was a room with a floor design that moved with you. That one was pretty cool, but we weren’t in there too long.

After moving through those initial exhibits and rooms, we went through a more scientific room which I liked. Then moved on into the final area with a few different exhibits. We went in a room with a ton of balloons blowing around. It was pretty funny because everyone kept getting hit with the giant balloons. I think there was a time limit of 3 minutes in that room, and I would say that was sufficient. This area had some other photo opp areas, like a giant globe and some rocks you could pretend to hold up with your hands or feet.

The best part, other than the final exhibit, was the bathroom, mostly because the employee made it seem like it was a must-see part of the museum– one of the employees came up to Emi and I when we were roaming around and asked if we had checked out the bathroom yet. We hadn’t, so we headed that way. It wasn’t a cool exhibit or anything. It was just funny because there was a big red button that you pushed that made the lights change and music play. I don’t know why, but Emi and I found that to be hilarious.

We basically ended the experience at the infinity room. We had to stand in a pretty long line to get to it because only so many people were allowed in at once. While in line, we saw some colorful cards on a table. The cards matched up with the bracelet color we picked at the beginning. They gave a little description of the color you chose and what that color meant about your mood. They also had questions on the back to ask other people. I think this was one of the better parts of the museum because it tied things together a bit more.

Once we got to the front of the line, we sat down and put on little booties. They helped protect the exhibit. We discovered we were only allowed in the exhibit for 1 minute. We snapped a few pictures and were back outside before we knew it. We agreed we could have used an extra minute or 2 in that room. After the infinity room, there were a few other interactive areas, but nothing too crazy. Emi and I exited through the gift shop and completed our trip to the wndr museum.

I think Emi and I had similar feelings about the museum. We thought some of the exhibits were cool, and agreed that it wasn’t worth 35 dollars. It seems like a good place to take kids or to take cool photos. There were a lot of people with fancy cameras snapping cool shots, but Emi and I really didn’t focus that. I think if you have been interested in going to the wndr museum, you should go just to see what it is all about. I definitely don’t regret going because I had it on my radar for awhile and Emi and I had a fun time! Have you been to the Wndr Museum? If so, what was your favorite exhibit? What pop-up museum experiences have you been to?


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