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Sunday Night Routine

Happy Sunday! I always have mixed feelings about Sundays because I love relaxing and getting my life together, but I also get sad because the weekend is over. However, my Sundays usually look pretty similar each week. Whether I am home in Chicago all weekend or on a little weekend trip, I make sure I am relaxing and prepping for the week by 4 or 5pm.

Connor and I usually try to get to the grocery store on Sunday so we have food to get us through lunches and dinners. So typically Connor and I start our Sunday evening by making dinner. Today we got our favorite take and bake pizza from Aldi for dinner. Mostly because we were just getting back from a weekend with our college friends, but also because it’s so yummy.

After dinner, I usually throw in a load of laundry. It could be the first of the day, or the fourth or fifth of the day. I like getting ahead of laundry so I have all of our work clothes and work out clothes clean. Having options makes the week less stressful. Plus, our laundry piles up really fast. I feel like I wear 2 or 3 different outfits each day depending on what I am doing after work.

I like to shower early on the weekends so I can let my hair air dry, rather than going to bed with it wet. Then I always do a face mask. I love face masks and do them multiple times a week. Today I used the Moon Mask from Glossier. Face masks always make my face feel clean and soft for the week ahead!

I typically watch Netflix with Connor throughout the rest of the night until I am tired, so around 9pm lol. Between Netflix, I try to blog or at least brainstorm ideas for the week and get my stuff together for work. I pack up my backpack with workout clothes and anything I need for work. I also pack my lunch. Tonight I packed breakfast and lunch. I made a yogurt bowl for breakfast with Greek yogurt, frozen berries, and granola. For lunch I packed a veggie burger patty, hummus with carrots, and cottage cheese. I find this meal to be really filling, but also easy to snack on through the day if I need to.

Sometimes I will read before bed. Right now I am reading “Where Am I Giving?” by Kelsey Timmerman, and it’s good so far! As for the TV shows Connor and I watch throughout the night, we will watch things like The Good Place, This Is Us, or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Tonight we started season 3 of Narcos. It’s alright so far. I really haven’t been paying close attention.

That pretty much wraps up my Sunday night routine. It’s nothing exciting, but I love feeling like I got to relax over the weekend! I also love getting things somewhat in order so I can workout, relax, or blog after work! What are some things you like to do on Sundays?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Routine”

  1. Sunday’s are usually filled with homemade brunch, laundry, picking up the house, watching our shows on Netflix/Hulu, relaxing, and snuggling with my pup. I am like you, in the sense of no matter what we do or where we are on a Sunday, we try to make it home by 4-5 ish to relax and prep for the week. Makes me feel accomplished going to bed on Sunday nights with everything in order! 😊

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