5 Weekend Highlights

Connor and I had planned on going on a little trip this weekend, but we ended up staying home. It was a really relaxing weekend and it was nice to be at home getting things done. Here are some highlights:

1. Connor an I watched “You” on Netflix. I thought it was pretty good. Some episodes were better than others, but something creepy always happened to get my attention again. I am kind of sad we finished it because I always miss shows after finishing them, but I’m sure we will find another show soon enough!

2. Connor and I cleaned up our apartment. With the holidays and getting back into the swing of things with work, our apartment needed a nice cleaning. We organized some things, did lots of laundry and dishes, and went through our clothes deciding what we really wanted. I have a decently large bag of clothes to give to my friend now, which is great!

3. We tried the banana pudding of the month at Magnolia Bakery. Connor and I love trying the new flavors each month. This month the flavor is salted caramel, which I really liked. I normally don’t love salted caramel, but it was subtle enough not to be overly sweet!

4. We ventured to Tank Noodles and Kung Fu to get dinner and bubble tea. We started with some tofu/veggie spring rolls, which were my favorite part of the whole meal. For the main course, I got a veggie rice noodle soup and Connor got pho. I love getting warm foods especially with the snow that accumulated throughout the day on Saturday. I got oolong milk tea and it was so good. I am slowly becoming a bubble tea fan and I love trying new spots.

5. Connor and I met up with a couple friends for Sunday brunch. Our Uber driver the other day mentioned Batter and Berries, so we went there. The wait was a little long, but it was worth it. I got the French toast flight and loved it. I got the super flight, which basically meant you got 5 types of French toast, instead of 4. The flight included strawberry, blueberry, lemon, caramel, and banana pudding (the flavor of the week). The lemon was my favorite, but I really enjoyed trying them all!

The weekend was really relaxing and will hopefully give me energy for another week at work. What were some of your weekend highlights?

3 thoughts on “5 Weekend Highlights”

  1. That french toast looks amazing! 🙂 I’d so try that. This weekend I went to the library (again), cleaned my room, changed my sheets, and went for a run on Saturday, and spent Sunday watching movies and football. I like to get all of my stuff done on Saturdays so I can relax on Sundays before the week starts.

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    1. I highly recommend the French toast if you are ever in Chicago for brunch. It was fun to try all the different ones. I agree on getting stuff done on Saturday and relaxing on Sunday. I kind of did the opposite this weekend though 😂 It sounds like you had a really nice weekend! What movies did you watch?

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