A Few New Restaurants

Happy Sunday! Today has been a pretty lazy day for me, but that’s what Sundays are for! Connor and I tried a smoothie/juice place today, so it inspired me to share some of the restaurants I have tried lately that I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet. There are still so many places I want to try in Chicago, so there won’t be a shortage of food posts anytime soon.

The place Connor and I tried today is called JuiceRX. It is in Bucktown and in a nice little area pretty close to the train. I am always trying to find smoothie bowls, and we definitely found a good spot. They have juices, wellness shots, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and more. I got the “Fruit Alchemist” smoothie bowl and Connor got the “Old World Order” smoothie. I loved how many toppings my bowl had. They made it super filling. Connor’s smoothie was yummy because each sip had peanut butter in it, which tasted great with the fruit flavor! I am interested to try out one of their juices next time and will probably treat myself to a ginger shot sometime, too. For some reason, I love ginger shots.

A couple weeks ago, I tried Bombo Bar with my coworkers during our lunch break. We opted to have donuts and ice cream for lunch because why not?! BomboBar is a little window with a patio area in the West Loop. There are so many yummy restaurants over there so I love going to that area. I went there with the intention of getting gelato, and left with gelato and a little donut, called a bombolini. I mostly wanted the bombolini because it was so cute, and looked like a fun treat. I got the caramel crunch gelato and a bombolini with salted caramel filling. You basically squeeze a little tube of filling into the sugary donut, so it’s definitely intriguing. BomboBar also has some crazy hot chocolates with lots of toppings and donuts, so that would be fun to try someday! Overall, I loved the gelato and what I tried of the donut. I just wanted a taste of it, so I gave it to my coworker. I definitely want to go back with Connor so he can try it!

Lastly, I want to mention Tomi at Revival Food Hall. I went there with my friend, Sam, last week. Revival basically has a ton of different restaurants inside of it. You can find anything from ramen to fried chicken to pizza to hot chocolate. I was craving sushi, so I decided on Tomi. I ordered the portobella mushroom roll and an avocado roll. The sushi was really good and exactly what I had been craving. It was a bit expensive though. I typically spend 5 or 6 dollars on a roll, but each was about 8. Chicago can be more pricey, so I wasn’t super shocked by it. I would love to go back to Revival sometime to try out the other spots and try out the sweet potato roll at Tomi! Have you tried any new restaurants lately?


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