My Top Favorites from 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, I want to highlight some of my favorites from the year. You have probably already seen me mention many of these things because that’s how much I love them!

1. Kombucha: I started drinking kombucha over a year ago. Since then, it became a staple in my diet and now it’s more of a special treat (just because it can be expensive). I tried so many different brands and flavors during 2018. My favorites are GT’s and an indy local, Circle City Kombucha. I love the Trilogy flavor, anything with ginger, and lemon flavors. I am hoping to find some local kombucha brewers in Illinois, but also throughout my 2019 travels.

2. Podcasts: I think podcasts might be my all time favorite part of 2018. Once again, I started listening to podcasts at the end of 2017, so they were a major part of 2018 for me. I started out with sales and business podcasts, and have discovered a bunch of cool ones throughout the year. Special shout outs to: In The Arena, The Advanced Selling Podcast, Travelogue, Gals On The Go, and What We Said (my favorite of them all).

3. Glossier: My boyfriend’s younger sister, Emilee, was the first person I ever heard talk about Glossier. It sounded interesting and I definitely wanted to try it out once I heard about it. When I decided to move to Chicago, I saw that a pop-up would be opening during the summer. I decided to wait to get anything until I could go to the store. I ended up making 3 trips to the pop-up shop and placing one online order. It’s safe to say, I am hooked on Glossier. I love their skincare items. I use the cleanser every day and the green mask in rotation with other masks I like. I even like some of the make-up items! The packaging and cute products are hard to resist. I’m looking forward to trying out more products in 2019.

Matcha: I have matcha multiple times each week. I love getting matcha lattes in the mornings before work. I pretty much get one at any coffee shop I go to unless they don’t have matcha. I also make my own at home, but they are never as good. Some of my favorite places I have gotten matcha lattes at are Coat Check Coffee in Indy, Provider in Indy, Monon Coffee Co in Indy, Peet’s before work, Goddess & The Baker in Chicago, and The Coffee Studio in Chicago.

I’d say the four things above sum up 2018 pretty well. What is one of your favorites from 2018?

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