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Grand Rapids Adventure

Connor, our friend Noah, and myself took a little trip to Grand Rapids on Saturday. There was a brewery I really wanted to go to mostly because it was cute. I’m not a huge fan of beer. I really only like beer that tastes like berries. Regardless, we headed to Grand Rapids on Saturday morning.

We had a few stops planned. We started the day at Real Food Cafe. The restaurant was super crowded and had a big area that reminded me of a waiting room for everyone waiting on their tables. We knew it had to be good because of the 26 groups waiting ahead of us. It didn’t take too long to get a table though. I got the Veggie Eggs Benedict, Connor got Biscuits and Gravy, and Noah got the Monster Omelet. We all really liked our food. One thing to note if you go there is that it is cash only, so make sure you get some cash before you go!

After breakfast, we stopped at Founders Brewery. I asked my friend for some recommendations and he said this was his favorite. It was pretty big and had a ton of seating inside and outside. But it was hard to get a table because they have you seat yourself. We spent 20-25 minutes just waiting for tables be available. We each got a beer. I got a raspberry one. It was pretty good. I didn’t finish it but I did like it. My favorite thing about Founders was all of the little gnomes scattered throughout.

We decided to explore around next. We checked out a few murals, went by the Pedestrian Bridge, and stopped by a park on the river before our main destination.

Finally, we made it to the Mitten Brewing Company. I had seen pictures of the Michigan shaped beer flights on Instagram. We each got a some samples and an order of cheesy bread. I really only liked half of the samples I got. The rest were not for me, but they were worth it for the cute photos. The cheesy bread was probably my favorite part.

After being at Mitten for 2 hours watching the IU basketball game, we headed to the last stop. I wanted to get a little treat. We decided on Love’s Ice Cream in the public market. There were a ton of cool restaurants in the market, so if you are ever there, I’d definitely check it out. I got a Mitten Ice Cream Bar in the mint flavor. First, it was adorable. I think I’m obsessed with all Michigan/mitten shaped things. Second, it was so good. The mint tasted natural and fresh, not like the typical mint ice cream. They had a few other flavors of the ice cream bar like vanilla, almond toffee, coffee, and even a couple vegan options.

Overall, it was a fun trip! I liked it because there were a lot of cool places to try and not a lot of traffic and people everywhere. It is always nice to get away from the crowded streets of Chicago! It’s also great getting to be with great friends. What did you do this weekend? Where should Connor and I go for our next weekend trip?

4 thoughts on “Grand Rapids Adventure”

  1. I love the shape of the beer flight! It’s so cute. I love getting flights at breweries because you can try a bunch and see what you like the best. I also like fruity beer, but I’ll drink most IPAs, too.

    I went for a run this weekend, finished up my Christmas shopping, and went to my grandparents for an early Christmas. I can’t believe Christmas is next week haha.

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    1. The shape of the beer flight was the whole reason I wanted to go to that brewery. Haha it was so cute! I think I really only like fruity beer but I’m trying to branch out more!

      Sounds like you had a good weekend! It was pretty nice out here so it would have been a good chance for a run. I also can’t believe Christmas is next week. Im so excited!

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      1. I don’t blame you. It’d be cool if a brewery in each state had one of those that matched the state and you could try to visit each one haha.

        We’re doing something on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (Christmasy stuff with family and family friends), and we’re staying home Christmas day. I’m lucky that the university is closed all next week, so I get a Christmas vacation again. After Friday, I don’t go back to work until January 2nd.

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      2. Honestly! I would love that so much. I think an Indiana one would be really cute!
        That sounds wonderful! I already miss having a winter break, but work shouldn’t be too busy so that will be nice. I hope you have a really nice break! 🙂

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