24 Hours in Madison, Wisconsin

I went to Wisconsin Friday night with Connor to visit our friend Shanon. We were only there until Saturday afternoon, but we had a really nice time!

We got to Madison around 9pm. We got settled at Shanon’s apartment and then decided we go out to get some drinks. We went to a bar called Madison’s. Clearly, a very creative name. Then we went back to Shanon’s, ordered pizza, and played Mario Cart. The pizza was from Ian’s. Shanon compared it to one of the late night pizza places we ordered from in college. And it was honestly so good. We got the mac n cheese pizza, breadsticks, and puppy chow. I have never gotten puppy chow from a pizza place or any restaurant, so that was pretty cool!

The next morning we took on the rainy day. We walked around downtown Madison. There were so many cute shops to go into. I love stores with cards, little gifts, and cute decor, so it was perfect. Two of my favorite spots were Little Luxuries and Anthology. They were right next to each other, which was convenient. I picked up a couple little Christmas gifts there!

We went to the Capital Building next. I didn’t realize we were allowed to go in, but it was really pretty. It was also a great break from the rain and wind outside. The Christmas tree was up inside so it made for a really nice photo.

Then it was time for brunch at Merchant. It was a cool place for brunch, but it’s also a bar at night I’m pretty sure. We shared cheese curds to start, which I loved. I got the omelet of the day and I can’t remember everything that was in it, but I know it had mushrooms, cheese, and endives it in. It came with breakfast potatoes, which might have been the best part, and I don’t normally like potatoes very much. Shanon got the breakfast burrito and Connor got the 2 egg breakfast. Overall, super yummy.

After brunch, we went into some more shops and then a coffee shop called Espresso Royale. I got a rooibos tea latte and it was really good. After chatting at the coffee shop, we headed back to Shanon’s, and then home.

Madison was a really nice mini vacation and it was fun to be reunited with Shanon. I’m really excited to go back when the weather is warmer. Walking around Madison is nice, but will definitely be a lot better in the spring or summer!

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