Gift Guide 2018

The holiday season is coming up, and although it’s not about the presents, I know I will be gifting some things to my friends and family. This is a list of some things I think are good gifts, I have received as gifts, or I am planning to give as gifts.

1. Reusable straws: Drinking out of straws is way more satisfying than not, at least in my opinion. And some drinks people prefer to drink out of a straw. They aren’t eco friendly at all, so reusable straws are the way to go. I have some silicon ones Connor got me and they are great for drinks, especially smoothies. Metal straws are another good option and look nice too.

Softy Straws- found on Amazon

SipWell straws- found on Amazon

2. Cups, glasses, mugs, etc.: My parents got me a set of copper cups for Moscow mules last Christmas. It was definitely one of my favorite gifts. They are a great thing to have especially when you are an “adult” and having friends over. My go-to is always offering to make a Moscow mule for my friends, guests, etc. Wine glasses, cute sets of cups, or even mugs for the coffee lovers are always cute and easy gifts.

Copper mugs: found on Amazon and in most home stores (I would guess my mom got mine at TJ Maxx)

Can-shaped glasses: found on Amazon (love these for beer, matcha, and coffee)

3. Face masks: I have become a big fan of face masks this year. I was never really into them, but I have discovered a bunch of nice ones that I think work pretty well. There are a ton of different brands of all different price ranges, so you definitely don’t have to break the bank. I even found some at Trader Joe’s that I have been testing out. They are simple and come in a pack of three. That is a good option especially for the price ($6.99) that you can either split up or give to one person.

Face mask trio: found at Trader Joe’s

Greens mask: found online at Glossier

Avocado mask: found at Glowrecipe online (I really want to try this)

4. Comfy, warm shoes: In the winter, having warm or comfy shoes to wear either inside or outside is really nice. I have a pair of Ugg moccasins that I wear inside at all times. They are great because they are comfy but also keep my feet off the cold floors. A good pair of shoes to wear out in the snow or just to keep warm is nice too. I recently got some Timberland boots to wear to work in the morning to trudge through the snow and so far so good. There are so many different options for warm/cozy shoes for different prices.

Dakota Ugg Moccasins: found at most department stores, UGG, online

5. Wireless headphones: They are super convenient, great for working out, easy to keep track of, etc. Especially with the newer phones not being compatible with the headphones most of us have used are whole lives, wireless headphones can be helpful. I personally love wireless headphones and there are a ton of options out there.

Powerbeats: found online and in stores (I was given these for my birthday last year and love them for working out and everyday. I am interested in the AirPods from Apple, but I like the security of the cord in the back to keep them in place, especially on outdoor runs.)

What gifts are you giving this year? Are there any other products you enjoy in the categories I wrote about? I would love to hear about other cool options!

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