Spending Time Alone

I’m one of those people who hates being alone 99% of the time. The other night I decided I would just stay home and relax, rather than going out to dinner. I’m not one to turn down dinner but I was tired and sometimes you just need to sit back and relax.

I made pasta for dinner. I put some laundry in because having a clean apartment makes me happy. I did a face mask and started reading a book my mom got me. I just sat on the couch reading and relaxing. I didn’t think about what I was missing at dinner. I appreciated the time I was just spending on something I wanted to do.

I think being in college made me feel like I had to always be doing something or hanging out with other people. In high school, I don’t think I felt this way as much. It is important to spend time alone and focus on yourself or doing something for yourself. I am going to try to incorporate a bit more of that into my life!

Do you prefer being with a group of people or alone? What is your favorite solo activity?

5 thoughts on “Spending Time Alone”

  1. I’m such a homebody. Not sure if it’s because I’m an only child but I don’t mind being alone. I spend a few hours alone (like right now) after dinner and before I join my mom around 8:00 p.m. to watch TV before we go to bed. I mostly work on my blog or story or watch Netflix. I’d much rather be alone or with a few other people; I don’t like being with big crowds most of the time.

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    1. I am always alone maybe an hour before Connor gets home and whenever I’m on the train to and from work. I feel like during those times I am always brainstorming new blog posts or writing new blog posts. I don’t know why but I am always thinking about new ideas on the train. I also like to catch up on YouTube videos during that time.

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      1. I come up with ideas for blogs or my story on my drive home from work. My commute is ~30 minutes which is all back roads so it’s not too bad but sometimes I get stuck in traffic at lights, so I use the time for ideas haha.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this to get a view from the opposite side. For some reason, I love being alone. I don’t like to not have anyone but I love my me time. The same way you stayed home for once is the same way I force myself out for once so I can be around others. I think it’s because I grew up in a strict household where I wasn’t allowed out unless my dad knew EVERYTHING about the people I was with so I just stayed in. I think I got so used to it that now obviously I’m on my own I prefer being alone out of habit. I tend to stay home with a cup of tea/coffee and do what I enjoy, that is when I’m not in class or at work.

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    1. That’s a really cool way to see this! I feel like I slowly grew into wanting to be around people a lot as I got older. When I was younger it was always harder to hang out with people because of needing a ride or asking my parents if it was ok. I definitely love the days where I stay home to read, relax, or just watch tv.


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