October Favorites

Happy Halloween! Celebrating the last day of October with gelato, pizza, and a new favorites post!


“We Dream” by Morgan Evans- This song puts me in the best mood. I love everything about it. I have made sure to listen to it everyday when I leave work.

“Uproar” by Lil Wayne- This song has been my workout song for the month. Sometimes I only listen to this on repeat when I’m running.


Dr. Death- I heard about this podcast on another podcast. So scary, but addicting to listen to.


Milky jelly cleanser from Glossier- I use this every night and every morning to wash my face. My skin always feels so soft and clean after using it. Find it here.

Restaurants / Cafes

Komorebi- I went here 2 days in a row this month. Once with friends and once with Connor’s family. It is definitely the best sushi I have had in Chicago. There are a lot of unique vegetarian options alongside the classic veggie rolls.

Limitless- I love Limitless for a few reasons. The lattes are good. The lattes are unique. And the actual cafe is really nice.


Nike Court Royals- I ordered new Court Royals back in September. They didn’t arrive until October. I had a pair that I wore constantly for almost a full year and still loved them. I got my second pair from Urban Outfitters online. They were about 60 dollars which I didn’t think was bad for something I wear all the time! A similar pair is linked here.


Butternut Squash Risotto from Aldi freezer section- I am into fall foods right now and that is exactly what this is. It’s easy for when you really don’t want to make dinner, but it’s also so yummy.

Brussels sprouts- I just get them from the freezer because that’s just easier. But I add seasonings and Parmesan to make them more fun.

Seaweed- My mom got me little packs of it from Costco a little while ago and they are so good for snacks or mixed into rice bowls. Sadly I ate the last one today!


The Good Place- Connor and I watched as far as we could into this show so quickly. I like it because it’s easy to watch and is funny. I also like that I can’t predict everything that happens super easily.


The weather- I love the summer. It’s definitely my favorite season, but I have loved the fall weather lately. I’m sure it will be freezing here in Chicago soon, but I’m enjoying the fall weather while I can. There’s nothing better than wearing a sweater and jeans.

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