CHICAGO, weekend

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday everyone! Got a little post for today about my weekend and a short visit from my friends. This weekend so many people I know were in town including two of my friends, Shanon and Noah, who stayed with Connor and I.

To start my weekend off I went to a happy hour with coworkers and some friends. We went to Federales which I really like, aside from the prices. The margaritas are worth it though, sort of. I think I prefer it during the summer when the patio isn’t covered, but there probably isn’t anything else to do with the patio once it’s cold. We went to Punch Bowl Social after which I hadn’t been to before.

On Saturday morning, Connor made Noah and I waffles. We watched tv and just chilled. Shanon arrived later that morning and joined us for a relaxing day. We were all just happy to be hanging out!

After a while, we went to Parlor Pizza for a late lunch/early dinner. The first time I went there was for a work happy hour and I really wanted to go back to try some of the pizzas. We got “Cheesus, Mary, & Joseph,” “Burrata Be Kidding Me,” and “Ahe Froman’s Fave.” I only tried the first two because the last one had sausage on it, but both of the pizzas I tried were good. “Cheesus, Mary, & Joseph” was my favorite for sure. My friends thought so too.

After Parlor we met up with some of our other college friends in Wrigleyville to celebrate Halloween. I got to see so many of my friends from college so it was a nice time. It was so crowded though so I think I’ll try a different spot for Halloween next year.

Sunday was a bit uneventful mostly because Connor and I just wanted to do nothing. We caught up on “The Good Place” and “This Is Us.” We also watched “Gnome Alone” which was a cute animated movie. The name is what really hooked me to watch it, of course.

Overall, it was a nice weekend. I love any chance I get to see my friends, especially since we aren’t all just a short walk apart anymore. Hoping to see everyone again soon and go back to Parlor Pizza to try the fall squash pizza, “Sasquash!”

What did you do this weekend? Any weird fall foods on your radar? For some reason so many restaurants have interesting fall foods on their menus and I love that!

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