What I Miss About Indy

Chicago is treating me well and I love living here, but I still miss Indiana sometimes. I wrote a post before moving here about what I thought I would miss, so if you want to compare, check it out! Here is what I miss the most:

1. My family & dog, Daisy

2. My friends who still live there

3. Bloomington & IU

4. Nicey Treat

5. Day camp

6. Running on my high school track

7. My bike

8. Going to a normal sized Target on a regular basis

9. Coffee shops like Coat Check Coffee and Monon Coffee Company

10. The Monon Trail

11. Riding in the car

12. Kroger

13. My giant bedroom

14. Jump roping on my back porch (I feel like it is weird if I jump rope on our patio area here hahah)

What is your favorite thing about where you are from?

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