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A Saturday in Chicago #3

Happy Sunday! I’m back with another Chicago post. This weekend, Connor’s parents and youngest sister, Emilee, were in town so we spent our day with them! We started our Saturday waiting a pretty long time to get seated at The Bongo Room. Connor really likes this restaurant, so we thought it would be a good breakfast choice. I think his dad really wanted to try it it too because he has heard good things about it. While we waited to get seated we went to a few shops and passed the time.

We finally got seated about an hour later. For some reason there is always a really long wait for The Bongo Room. I guess that’s a good sign. We all ordered our food. Connor’s mom got the pumpkin spice pancakes, his dad got a chorizo omelet, and Connor and I sort of split the white chocolate caramel pretzel pancakes and the black bean sweet potato breakfast burrito. We all liked our food and were happy we waited!

After breakfast, we hopped on the train and went our separate ways. Connor and his dad went to our favorite book store, Open Books, while the rest of us went to Glossier. It’s the second to last weekend of the Glossier pop-up in Chicago and Connor’s sister and her friend really wanted to go! Glossier was still as crowded as ever, but I picked up one last item from there before it’s gone. My friend Liz recommended the green face mask, so I got that to try out. When we walked out of Glossier it was so crazy windy that we opted to take a Lyft to a coffeeshop rather than walk to find the boys.

For coffee, we went back to Limitless. 1. It is decently close to Glossier. 2. It’s so yummy and cute. I got the lavender latte, Connor’s sis got an iced hazelnut latte, and her friend got a chai latte. All were really nice! I want to try literally everything there.

After coffee, we all decided being outside in the cold wind was something we didn’t want to do, so we walked to the train and headed to Rosemont to go to the outlets. We went to Nordstrom Rack and some other stores. It was nice to be out of the cold and somewhere where we didn’t have to worry about blowing away.

After the outlets we went to dinner at The Chicago Diner. Emilee is vegan and I’m vegetarian so it was a good place to go! I can’t remember what everyone got exactly, but some things I saw on the table were country fried steak, a pierogi quesadilla, a tofu quesadilla, avocado tostadas, a chicken sandwich, and a veggie burger. Everything was vegan and actually really good. Emilee got a pumpkin shake and really liked that too!

To end the night, we got some moscow mule supplies and I made us some drinks. Moscow mules are one of the only drinks I can make pretty successfully so that is always a nice time. It was a really good Saturday and I’m glad we could do a few of the things we planned to do, but also have a nice time together! I’m glad they came for a visit! What did you do this weekend? What are your favorite cold weather activities?

4 thoughts on “A Saturday in Chicago #3”

  1. The tops of the lattes in the mugs look so pretty! I’d hate to drink it and ruin the artwork haha. It’s gotten colder here in New England, too, and my favorite cold weather activity is staying inside. My Sundays are spent on the couch watching football, which is what I’ll be doing all day today.

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    1. They make really pretty lattes there! The first time I went there I was so surprised by how nice they looked and the fact that there was glitter in my drink haha. Yeah I’m thinking staying inside is the way to go. I have a bunch of books I want to read so hopefully I can read some of those! Have a great Sunday 🙂

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      1. Right now “the hate u give” and “never eat alone” I am one chapter in to “never eat alone” so hopefully I will get to reading it more. I always end up listening to podcasts for some reason instead


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