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My First Job

I got my first job in high school. I remember applying to a bunch of places to work, but I eventually ended up working at Kroger. For those of you who don’t have Kroger in your state or country, it’s a grocery store. And probably my favorite grocery store to shop at!

I was hired as a bagger, so I pretty much bagged groceries and pushed carts in from the parking lot. When I first started, I only worked Mondays and Wednesday’s because I still had school and track practice. At first, I really didn’t love the job because I had to push in carts while wearing khakis and a polo (lol) and I didn’t know anyone.

But after working there awhile I made some friends at work, felt comfortable doing my job, and grew to like pushing in carts even when it was super hot or freezing out. I remember wearing leggings under my pants, two pairs of wool socks, under armor, my polo, gloves, a hat, and my winter coat during the winters, even when I was inside. Pushing in carts was honestly such a good workout and I feel like I was pretty efficient with it.

Whenever I go back to Kroger now I have a lot of good memories and some of my old coworkers still work there. I still chat with some of my friends from when I worked there every now and then. I think it might be my favorite job I have ever had. It definitely taught me to work hard and was a good first job. I learned a bit about customer service and I got to see my “progress” each day through the greater number of carts I pushed in or how quickly I could bag groceries.

This post was a bit random, but I find myself thinking about my first jobs a lot. I have really liked all of the random jobs I have had during my life, so I decided to share my very first one. What was your first job?

Also, how cute are the little mochi in the cover photo. I got them at the Kroger in Bloomington at the mochi bar they have there. Kroger’s have really gotten fancy over the years.

2 thoughts on “My First Job”

  1. My first job was at the ice cream shop where I still work haha. I started on the last day of my sophomore year of high school and will be there 10 years next year. I’m one of the oldest girls there and it’s a little weird since when I started, I was one of the youngest. I still work there because it’s easy money and I like the girls I work with.

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    1. I think it’s awesome that you still work there. Jobs are so fun when you like the people you work with. It makes it seem less like work and more like hanging out. Also, ice cream!! I always wanted to work at Dairy Queen growing up. I’m not sure why it never happened.

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