Weekend at IU: Homecoming

I just got home from a weekend at IU. It was my first homecoming as an alum so it was fun, but also made me miss IU! We left for IU on Friday after work. I rode down with Connor and two of our friends, Abbey and Liz. The ride was actually pretty fast and we got to IU just in time to go to the bars with our friends. We met up with a pretty big group of people. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up!

The next morning we woke up to go to a friends tailgate. We decided to sleep in and skip breakfast club at Kilroy’s. We put our IU gear on and headed to the tailgate. We were able to see even more friends and enjoy the nice weather. I got sunburnt which I thought was funny, but 55 and sunny is perfect tailgate weather.

After the tailgate, I went to a restaurant called The Social Cantina that opened after I graduated. It was the one placed I really wanted to go when I was back in town. We got the salsa sampler and margaritas to start. I got pineapple and it was so refreshing. I got the La Verde bowl, two of my friends got various tacos, and another got the nachos! We all really liked our food. I’m glad we got to go because it was a really cute place and super yummy.

We ended our time at IU at one of the bars there called Sports. I got to see so many other friends I hadn’t seen yet, so that was really fun. We got our favorite cheese bread from Pizza X for a late night snack and called it a night. We said goodbye to our friends and left the next morning. We obviously stopped for bagels before we left though because Bloomington Bagel is so yummy. I got an everything bagel with the artichoke smoked gouda cream cheese.

Homecoming was really fun so I am glad we made the trip down to Bloomington. It is always fun to see friends and be back at one of my favorite places. I’m already excited for next year!

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