Weekend in Chicago

Connor and I stayed home this weekend. 1. It was a rainy weekend. 2. We can’t always go somewhere. 3. We still have so much to explore in Chicago.

We started our weekend off Friday night by going to a fall/Halloween themed pop-up in the city: Jack’s Pumpkin Pop-Up. It was full of cute photo ops, pumpkins, a corn maze, food trucks, and multiple bars. I wanted to go, but then a friend at work said there was a Groupon for this weekend, so then I really wanted to go. I got two tickets for $25 which was a really good deal compared to the normal ticket prices of $30 per person.

We went a bit early, around 7, just because it was supposed to rain around 9. We got beers at the bar and walked around. We went through the corn maze and took some photos! The whole set up was really cute, but I think they should have had more fall themed drinks and food options. I was hoping for some apple cider drinks or pumpkin drinks. But overall, it was a fun way to change up what we normally do on the weekend.

On Saturday morning, we went to the outlet mall in Rosemont. I was looking for some sweaters for fall that I could wear to work but also actually like. I found a few at Nordstrom Rack and American Eagle. We went to Goodwill because Connor loves Goodwill. We were hungry after all the shopping so we went to Paradise Pup, which was a little burger place we saw from the car. Connor got a burger and we shared some onion rings, cheese fries, and a milkshake. It was a really cute place and Connor loved his burger.

We went home and then I met up with my friend Emi and her sister. We chatted a bit then went to dinner at Urbanbelly. We sat outside because they had their dog with them, but the food was warm so it was kind of nice! I got mushroom pho. It was pretty good and the restaurant had a cute patio. I ended my Saturday night watching Netflix and falling asleep super early lol.

Sunday started out with coffee. We have been trying to go to a new place each weekend. We decided on Limitless. We went to the location at the Fulton Market. My coworker recommended it to me because she really liked their charcoal lattes. Connor and I got one of those and a golden milk latte. Both were super yummy and pretty. The charcoal latte had glitter in it which I thought was a cute touch. Overall, I really liked our coffee and the environment of the coffee shop. It seems like it would be a good place to get work done. I think we are going to go back and try some more of their specialty drinks sometime!

After coffee we went back to our favorite bookstore, Open Books. We looked around for a bit and Connor got a few books for us to share. I’m pretty excited about them because one is by one of my favorite authors and the other is one I have had recommended to me many times. I will do a post about books soon, so stay tuned.

The last adventure of our day, other than watching Netflix, was meeting up with Connor’s dad for a late lunch. We went to Ramen San which is one of my favorite ramen places. I got the shiitake ramen and Connor and his dad both got the tonkatsu ramen. It was delicious as usual and super nice for a chilly day.

I had a really nice weekend. It didn’t rain as much as it was supposed to and we got to do some fun things! What do you do on rainy weekends? What were some highlights from your weekend? Hope you all have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Chicago”

  1. The little pumpkin/Halloween pop up looked so cute! I’m looking forward to your book post! 🙂

    I mostly just hung around this weekend and watched Netflix and football. I did go for a run, too. I worked at the ice cream shop Saturday night and I have to work there tonight, too. We’re closing for the season on the 28th, and it’s slowed down, so I don’t mind working.


    1. It was really cute! I feel like it’s hard to do some of the classic fall things in the city! I really want to go to an apple orchard somewhere soon. That sounds like a nice weekend! I am terrible about running on the weekend and I feel like the weekends are the best time to run. Any Netflix recommendations? I have been flying through shows lately and need some new ones to watch!


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