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Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday everyone! Got a little post for today about my weekend and a short visit from my friends. This weekend so many people I know were in town including two of my friends, Shanon and Noah, who stayed with Connor and I.

To start my weekend off I went to a happy hour with coworkers and some friends. We went to Federales which I really like, aside from the prices. The margaritas are worth it though, sort of. I think I prefer it during the summer when the patio isn’t covered, but there probably isn’t anything else to do with the patio once it’s cold. We went to Punch Bowl Social after which I hadn’t been to before.

On Saturday morning, Connor made Noah and I waffles. We watched tv and just chilled. Shanon arrived later that morning and joined us for a relaxing day. We were all just happy to be hanging out!

After a while, we went to Parlor Pizza for a late lunch/early dinner. The first time I went there was for a work happy hour and I really wanted to go back to try some of the pizzas. We got “Cheesus, Mary, & Joseph,” “Burrata Be Kidding Me,” and “Ahe Froman’s Fave.” I only tried the first two because the last one had sausage on it, but both of the pizzas I tried were good. “Cheesus, Mary, & Joseph” was my favorite for sure. My friends thought so too.

After Parlor we met up with some of our other college friends in Wrigleyville to celebrate Halloween. I got to see so many of my friends from college so it was a nice time. It was so crowded though so I think I’ll try a different spot for Halloween next year.

Sunday was a bit uneventful mostly because Connor and I just wanted to do nothing. We caught up on “The Good Place” and “This Is Us.” We also watched “Gnome Alone” which was a cute animated movie. The name is what really hooked me to watch it, of course.

Overall, it was a nice weekend. I love any chance I get to see my friends, especially since we aren’t all just a short walk apart anymore. Hoping to see everyone again soon and go back to Parlor Pizza to try the fall squash pizza, “Sasquash!”

What did you do this weekend? Any weird fall foods on your radar? For some reason so many restaurants have interesting fall foods on their menus and I love that!


What I Miss About Indy

Chicago is treating me well and I love living here, but I still miss Indiana sometimes. I wrote a post before moving here about what I thought I would miss, so if you want to compare, check it out! Here is what I miss the most:

1. My family & dog, Daisy

2. My friends who still live there

3. Bloomington & IU

4. Nicey Treat

5. Day camp

6. Running on my high school track

7. My bike

8. Going to a normal sized Target on a regular basis

9. Coffee shops like Coat Check Coffee and Monon Coffee Company

10. The Monon Trail

11. Riding in the car

12. Kroger

13. My giant bedroom

14. Jump roping on my back porch (I feel like it is weird if I jump rope on our patio area here hahah)

What is your favorite thing about where you are from?

CHICAGO, weekend

A Saturday in Chicago #3

Happy Sunday! I’m back with another Chicago post. This weekend, Connor’s parents and youngest sister, Emilee, were in town so we spent our day with them! We started our Saturday waiting a pretty long time to get seated at The Bongo Room. Connor really likes this restaurant, so we thought it would be a good breakfast choice. I think his dad really wanted to try it it too because he has heard good things about it. While we waited to get seated we went to a few shops and passed the time.

We finally got seated about an hour later. For some reason there is always a really long wait for The Bongo Room. I guess that’s a good sign. We all ordered our food. Connor’s mom got the pumpkin spice pancakes, his dad got a chorizo omelet, and Connor and I sort of split the white chocolate caramel pretzel pancakes and the black bean sweet potato breakfast burrito. We all liked our food and were happy we waited!

After breakfast, we hopped on the train and went our separate ways. Connor and his dad went to our favorite book store, Open Books, while the rest of us went to Glossier. It’s the second to last weekend of the Glossier pop-up in Chicago and Connor’s sister and her friend really wanted to go! Glossier was still as crowded as ever, but I picked up one last item from there before it’s gone. My friend Liz recommended the green face mask, so I got that to try out. When we walked out of Glossier it was so crazy windy that we opted to take a Lyft to a coffeeshop rather than walk to find the boys.

For coffee, we went back to Limitless. 1. It is decently close to Glossier. 2. It’s so yummy and cute. I got the lavender latte, Connor’s sis got an iced hazelnut latte, and her friend got a chai latte. All were really nice! I want to try literally everything there.

After coffee, we all decided being outside in the cold wind was something we didn’t want to do, so we walked to the train and headed to Rosemont to go to the outlets. We went to Nordstrom Rack and some other stores. It was nice to be out of the cold and somewhere where we didn’t have to worry about blowing away.

After the outlets we went to dinner at The Chicago Diner. Emilee is vegan and I’m vegetarian so it was a good place to go! I can’t remember what everyone got exactly, but some things I saw on the table were country fried steak, a pierogi quesadilla, a tofu quesadilla, avocado tostadas, a chicken sandwich, and a veggie burger. Everything was vegan and actually really good. Emilee got a pumpkin shake and really liked that too!

To end the night, we got some moscow mule supplies and I made us some drinks. Moscow mules are one of the only drinks I can make pretty successfully so that is always a nice time. It was a really good Saturday and I’m glad we could do a few of the things we planned to do, but also have a nice time together! I’m glad they came for a visit! What did you do this weekend? What are your favorite cold weather activities?

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My First Job

I got my first job in high school. I remember applying to a bunch of places to work, but I eventually ended up working at Kroger. For those of you who don’t have Kroger in your state or country, it’s a grocery store. And probably my favorite grocery store to shop at!

I was hired as a bagger, so I pretty much bagged groceries and pushed carts in from the parking lot. When I first started, I only worked Mondays and Wednesday’s because I still had school and track practice. At first, I really didn’t love the job because I had to push in carts while wearing khakis and a polo (lol) and I didn’t know anyone.

But after working there awhile I made some friends at work, felt comfortable doing my job, and grew to like pushing in carts even when it was super hot or freezing out. I remember wearing leggings under my pants, two pairs of wool socks, under armor, my polo, gloves, a hat, and my winter coat during the winters, even when I was inside. Pushing in carts was honestly such a good workout and I feel like I was pretty efficient with it.

Whenever I go back to Kroger now I have a lot of good memories and some of my old coworkers still work there. I still chat with some of my friends from when I worked there every now and then. I think it might be my favorite job I have ever had. It definitely taught me to work hard and was a good first job. I learned a bit about customer service and I got to see my “progress” each day through the greater number of carts I pushed in or how quickly I could bag groceries.

This post was a bit random, but I find myself thinking about my first jobs a lot. I have really liked all of the random jobs I have had during my life, so I decided to share my very first one. What was your first job?

Also, how cute are the little mochi in the cover photo. I got them at the Kroger in Bloomington at the mochi bar they have there. Kroger’s have really gotten fancy over the years.


Weekend at IU: Homecoming

I just got home from a weekend at IU. It was my first homecoming as an alum so it was fun, but also made me miss IU! We left for IU on Friday after work. I rode down with Connor and two of our friends, Abbey and Liz. The ride was actually pretty fast and we got to IU just in time to go to the bars with our friends. We met up with a pretty big group of people. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up!

The next morning we woke up to go to a friends tailgate. We decided to sleep in and skip breakfast club at Kilroy’s. We put our IU gear on and headed to the tailgate. We were able to see even more friends and enjoy the nice weather. I got sunburnt which I thought was funny, but 55 and sunny is perfect tailgate weather.

After the tailgate, I went to a restaurant called The Social Cantina that opened after I graduated. It was the one placed I really wanted to go when I was back in town. We got the salsa sampler and margaritas to start. I got pineapple and it was so refreshing. I got the La Verde bowl, two of my friends got various tacos, and another got the nachos! We all really liked our food. I’m glad we got to go because it was a really cute place and super yummy.

We ended our time at IU at one of the bars there called Sports. I got to see so many other friends I hadn’t seen yet, so that was really fun. We got our favorite cheese bread from Pizza X for a late night snack and called it a night. We said goodbye to our friends and left the next morning. We obviously stopped for bagels before we left though because Bloomington Bagel is so yummy. I got an everything bagel with the artichoke smoked gouda cream cheese.

Homecoming was really fun so I am glad we made the trip down to Bloomington. It is always fun to see friends and be back at one of my favorite places. I’m already excited for next year!


“I Will Be Happy When”

“I will be happy when” is something I hear probably every week, maybe even daily.

“I will be happy when this meeting is over.”

“I will be happy when it’s the weekend.”

“I will be happy when I lose 20 pounds.”

“I will be happy when I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.”

“I will be happy when I have more money.”

These are a few examples of the variations I hear my friends, coworkers, etc. saying or even catch myself saying. I think it is kind of silly. Sure, some of these things may give us a sense or relief, momentary joy, or more confidence. But none of these things directly mean you are going to be happier. They can help or be a temporary solution to happiness, but you need to figure out what makes you happy long term and what you can do in the present to create more happiness for yourself.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is you need to find what makes you happy and incorporate those things into your life more. You can control your own happiness and your own outlook on things.

I love the weekends and look forward to them, so to make my weekdays feel more like the weekend, I try to go on adventures after work. These adventures are anything from a run around my neighborhood, a walk to somewhere new, or a dinner out. Exploring, exercising, and trying new restaurants are all things that make me happy and excited. Those things don’t just have to happen on the weekends. The weekends aren’t what make me happy. I make myself happy when I choose to do the things that keep me happy!

Don’t focus on when you think you will be happy or what you think will make you happy. Do what you know makes you happy each day. I know it sounds cliché but it really does make a big difference in the outlook you have on life.

I hope this makes sense. I get all of these random bursts of ideas after I listen to podcasts that inspire me and this is definitely a product of one of those bursts of ideas. Have a happy rest of your week!

Also, I know this cover photo has nothing to do with the topic of this post, but I did take this photo on one of my weeknight adventures 🙂


Weekend in Chicago

Connor and I stayed home this weekend. 1. It was a rainy weekend. 2. We can’t always go somewhere. 3. We still have so much to explore in Chicago.

We started our weekend off Friday night by going to a fall/Halloween themed pop-up in the city: Jack’s Pumpkin Pop-Up. It was full of cute photo ops, pumpkins, a corn maze, food trucks, and multiple bars. I wanted to go, but then a friend at work said there was a Groupon for this weekend, so then I really wanted to go. I got two tickets for $25 which was a really good deal compared to the normal ticket prices of $30 per person.

We went a bit early, around 7, just because it was supposed to rain around 9. We got beers at the bar and walked around. We went through the corn maze and took some photos! The whole set up was really cute, but I think they should have had more fall themed drinks and food options. I was hoping for some apple cider drinks or pumpkin drinks. But overall, it was a fun way to change up what we normally do on the weekend.

On Saturday morning, we went to the outlet mall in Rosemont. I was looking for some sweaters for fall that I could wear to work but also actually like. I found a few at Nordstrom Rack and American Eagle. We went to Goodwill because Connor loves Goodwill. We were hungry after all the shopping so we went to Paradise Pup, which was a little burger place we saw from the car. Connor got a burger and we shared some onion rings, cheese fries, and a milkshake. It was a really cute place and Connor loved his burger.

We went home and then I met up with my friend Emi and her sister. We chatted a bit then went to dinner at Urbanbelly. We sat outside because they had their dog with them, but the food was warm so it was kind of nice! I got mushroom pho. It was pretty good and the restaurant had a cute patio. I ended my Saturday night watching Netflix and falling asleep super early lol.

Sunday started out with coffee. We have been trying to go to a new place each weekend. We decided on Limitless. We went to the location at the Fulton Market. My coworker recommended it to me because she really liked their charcoal lattes. Connor and I got one of those and a golden milk latte. Both were super yummy and pretty. The charcoal latte had glitter in it which I thought was a cute touch. Overall, I really liked our coffee and the environment of the coffee shop. It seems like it would be a good place to get work done. I think we are going to go back and try some more of their specialty drinks sometime!

After coffee we went back to our favorite bookstore, Open Books. We looked around for a bit and Connor got a few books for us to share. I’m pretty excited about them because one is by one of my favorite authors and the other is one I have had recommended to me many times. I will do a post about books soon, so stay tuned.

The last adventure of our day, other than watching Netflix, was meeting up with Connor’s dad for a late lunch. We went to Ramen San which is one of my favorite ramen places. I got the shiitake ramen and Connor and his dad both got the tonkatsu ramen. It was delicious as usual and super nice for a chilly day.

I had a really nice weekend. It didn’t rain as much as it was supposed to and we got to do some fun things! What do you do on rainy weekends? What were some highlights from your weekend? Hope you all have a great week!