Weekend in Nashville

Another weekend, another weekend recap. These are becoming my favorite posts to write each week! This weekend I went to Nashville to visit my friend Sam. We interned together last summer and have kept in touch since then. I love our friendship because we don’t see each other a lot, but always have a lot of fun when we do! Our friend Noah also came with us so we picked him up on the way to Nashville!

Connor and I left on Friday night, picked up Noah, and kept driving to get to Nashville. We got there super late but I’m glad we drove all the way there because it gave us a full day in Nashville. I got to meet Sam’s dog, Dallas, and that was honestly such a highlight because Dallas is so cute and friendly. We woke up around 9am on Saturday and got our day started by trying to decide where to get breakfast.

We ended up at a place called Gordon’s because we really wanted bottomless mimosas lol, so we got those and some food for breakfast. I got French toast and scrambled eggs. After breakfast we went to a sale at Tribe Kelly. It’s a store that my friend Sam really likes and we both ended up getting a shirt from the sale.

We headed to the farmers market next. It was super nice. There were a lot of veggies, pumpkins, flowers, and fruit, but also many vendors with food. I grabbed a matcha because I was a little sleepy, but didn’t realize it was a frozen drink, so it wasn’t my favorite. Connor’s coffee was good though!

After the farmers market, we all got in the car to go walk around 12 South. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and cute murals, so it was fun to walk around and see some of Nashville. Sam brought her pup with us too, which I loved. Then we headed back to Sam’s to relax for a bit and get ready for dinner.

Rosepepper was our dinner spot for the night. It’s a really good Mexican restaurant in East Nashville. It’s near a few other food restaurants I have heard of and tried in past trips to Nashville. It was actually my second time at Rosepepper because I went with Connor and his uncle a couple years ago, but I loved it so I was happy to go back.

Rosepepper definitely has one of my favorite margaritas of all time. It’s strong, not too sweet, but it doesn’t have an overwhelming tequila taste either. We got a pitcher to share, queso, and our meals. By the time we had our drinks, chips, and queso, we hardly had any room for our food (I feel like this happens to me every time there are chips and dips in front of me lol). I got the Tamales Vera Cruz and I really enjoyed them later that night when I was finally hungry again lol.

After dinner we went to Broadway to go to some of the bars there. We went to The Stage, Crazy Town, and FGL House. I think I liked Crazy Town the best, but The Stage was really fun too! After Broadway we went back to Sam’s, I ate my dinner from earlier, and went to sleep.

It was a really nice weekend and I’m excited to go back again soon. Nashville is always fun when I go. I love the weather, the different areas within Nashville, the food, and the bars. If you have never been, I definitely recommend it because there is something for everyone there. Hopefully Sam and Noah will come visit Connor and I in Chicago soon!

What did you do this weekend? Have you ever been to Nashville? If so, where should I go next time I’m there?

7 thoughts on “Weekend in Nashville”

  1. Ugh this trip looked like so much fun. Take me on your trips. I’d love to go to Nashville. A few people I know have gone and posted on social media and everything always looks like fun.


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