Doing Chicago Things

I feel like I have done a lot since moving to Chicago a little over a month ago. I haven’t shared everything on the blog. I thought I’d take a minute to talk about some fun things I have done/tried.

Cub’s Game

I went to my first Cub’s game a couple weeks ago. Connor’s dad was in town and took us to game, which was super nice of him. I haven’t been to a ton of baseball games during my life, but baseball is huge here in Chicago, so it was cool to go experience the environment. It was also an excuse to eat a giant plate of nachos lol. I hope to go to more in the future!

Farmer’s Markets

There are so many little markets and fairs going on in the streets of Chicago, which I love. Connor and I have gone to a few different markets. But my favorite so far is the Logan Square Farmer’s Market. There is a nice selection of produce and flowers, but also good food to choose from! Connor and I got yummy elotes, which I am always craving. Kind of random, I know. Also, the markets are fun to go to because of all the people and puppies you get to see. I love any chance I get to run into a corgi!

Deep Dish Pizza

I have had a couple deep dish pizza places in Chicago, but I had never tried Pequod’s– everyone I know says it’s the best. When Connor’s dad was in town we went there for dinner one night. The crust was so good. It’s very crispy and flavorful if that makes any sense. The cheese was really yummy on it too. I’m hoping to explore the pizza scene more as I live here longer.

Mitsuwa Marketplace

One Wednesday night, Connor and I decided to make our way to the Mitsuwa Market in the suburbs. My friend, Emi, always talks about how good it is, so we had to try it out. It is a grocery store but also has restaurants in it, almost like a food court. Connor got ramen and I got bibimbap. We also got a matcha ice cream cone for dessert. I was a full when I left, but it was so good. I want to go back and try some of the other places, so hopefully we can go with Emi next time!

I love getting to know Chicago and I’m excited to continue trying new things while I’m here. There is so much to do, so we will see how much I can do while living here! What have you been exploring in your city?

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