Labor Day Weekend in Minnesota

I’m back! Last week was a bit too stressful so I didn’t get around to blogging. But today I’m here with a little post about my trip to Minnesota this weekend. It was my first time in Minnesota. I went with my boyfriend, Connor and our friend, Shanon to visit another friend, Tom. On our way to Minnesota, Connor and I stayed the night in Wisconsin at Shanon’s apartment. We woke up the next morning to start our drive to Minneapolis.

We got Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to get the day started and drove up. It took about 4 hours, but it felt shorter, which was nice. We got to Tom’s and decided to start our day off at a brewery. We went to Insight Brewing because Tom said they had a moscow mule flavored beer. I don’t like beer but I love moscow mules, so I was excited about potentially finding a beer I do like. We got our beers and chatted for awhile. We also played Uno because they had it there and we used to play all the time in college. Sadly, I didn’t win. I really liked the moscow mule beer. It was called the “Rowdy Uncle” if any of you ever find yourself in Minnesota and want to try it.

We were hungry so we went to get dinner and of course, another drink. We went to Chino Latino and I got a mushroom quesadilla and a mojito. Everyone else shared some tacos and got drinks. We hung out there a bit, then decided to head back to Tom’s to rest up before we went to some bars that night.

That night we went to Stella’s and Cowboy Slim’s. We spent a lot of time at Stella’s and ate some delicious edamame. It had soy sauce and chili flakes on it. So simple, but so satisfying. We got a couple drinks and met up with some of Tom’s friends. We ended our night at Cowboy Slim’s and just sat out on the patio there, which was nice.

We had a short weekend in Minnesota as we left the next day– we all just had a lot we needed to get done and wanted to relax on our extra day off. Overall, I need to go back to Minnesota because I’d like to walk around the downtown Minneapolis area more and hit up an ice cream shop that looks super yummy (It’s called Milkjam)! I secretly want to go to the Mall of America too.

What did you do this weekend? Where are you going to go on your next mini trip or vacation? I have quite a few ideas for my next adventures!

2 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend in Minnesota”

  1. This looked like a lot of fun! I’m glad you liked your moscow mule beer. I’ve never tried a moscow mule, do you recommend I do? Haha. I might try to visit my friend from college who’s going to law school in Rhode Island this fall. I went to see her in February and would like to go back again for a weekend. It’ll really just depend on our schedules haha.

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    1. You should definitely give them a try!! I am always making them at home too lol. That sounds like a fun trip idea. I love visiting friends because It’s fun seeing where my friends live (now that we aren’t all in Indiana together) and having them show me around!

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