Weekend in Nashville

Another weekend, another weekend recap. These are becoming my favorite posts to write each week! This weekend I went to Nashville to visit my friend Sam. We interned together last summer and have kept in touch since then. I love our friendship because we don’t see each other a lot, but always have a lot of fun when we do! Our friend Noah also came with us so we picked him up on the way to Nashville!

Connor and I left on Friday night, picked up Noah, and kept driving to get to Nashville. We got there super late but I’m glad we drove all the way there because it gave us a full day in Nashville. I got to meet Sam’s dog, Dallas, and that was honestly such a highlight because Dallas is so cute and friendly. We woke up around 9am on Saturday and got our day started by trying to decide where to get breakfast.

We ended up at a place called Gordon’s because we really wanted bottomless mimosas lol, so we got those and some food for breakfast. I got French toast and scrambled eggs. After breakfast we went to a sale at Tribe Kelly. It’s a store that my friend Sam really likes and we both ended up getting a shirt from the sale.

We headed to the farmers market next. It was super nice. There were a lot of veggies, pumpkins, flowers, and fruit, but also many vendors with food. I grabbed a matcha because I was a little sleepy, but didn’t realize it was a frozen drink, so it wasn’t my favorite. Connor’s coffee was good though!

After the farmers market, we all got in the car to go walk around 12 South. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and cute murals, so it was fun to walk around and see some of Nashville. Sam brought her pup with us too, which I loved. Then we headed back to Sam’s to relax for a bit and get ready for dinner.

Rosepepper was our dinner spot for the night. It’s a really good Mexican restaurant in East Nashville. It’s near a few other food restaurants I have heard of and tried in past trips to Nashville. It was actually my second time at Rosepepper because I went with Connor and his uncle a couple years ago, but I loved it so I was happy to go back.

Rosepepper definitely has one of my favorite margaritas of all time. It’s strong, not too sweet, but it doesn’t have an overwhelming tequila taste either. We got a pitcher to share, queso, and our meals. By the time we had our drinks, chips, and queso, we hardly had any room for our food (I feel like this happens to me every time there are chips and dips in front of me lol). I got the Tamales Vera Cruz and I really enjoyed them later that night when I was finally hungry again lol.

After dinner we went to Broadway to go to some of the bars there. We went to The Stage, Crazy Town, and FGL House. I think I liked Crazy Town the best, but The Stage was really fun too! After Broadway we went back to Sam’s, I ate my dinner from earlier, and went to sleep.

It was a really nice weekend and I’m excited to go back again soon. Nashville is always fun when I go. I love the weather, the different areas within Nashville, the food, and the bars. If you have never been, I definitely recommend it because there is something for everyone there. Hopefully Sam and Noah will come visit Connor and I in Chicago soon!

What did you do this weekend? Have you ever been to Nashville? If so, where should I go next time I’m there?


September Favorites

I have so many favorites for this month. I know it’s not technically over yet, but September has a been a really great month so far and I’m really excited about fall starting! These are some of my favorites from this month:

1. Glossier- I went to the Glossier pop up shop about a month back. Since then, I have been back one other time because I love everything I have tried from there so far. I am not really a makeup person and probably never will be, but Glossier has a lot of fun products. If you haven’t tried any of the products, you definitely should give them a try! I have really been liking the “Lidstars” because they are easy and look pretty natural.

2. Gray New Balance Sneakers- I got these sneakers during the summer. I had been wanting New Balance sneakers for awhile and saw them for a good price at TJMaxx. I just recently started wearing them and I love them. They are comfy, practical, and cute with most outfits. I can’t find the exact pair, but here is a similar pair that is actually on sale at Macy’s right now.

3. Softy Straws- Connor surprised me with these. He knew I was interested in getting sustainable straws and I love the ones he got! They are pink, silicone, and easy to clean. Also, good for the environment, of course. You can check them out here!

4. Aldi Take & Bake Pizza- The pizza at Aldi might be the best pizza I have have ever had. Connor and I get the cheese pizza from the refrigerated section and add our own toppings to it! It’s cheap and yummy for dinner!

5. Yogurt Parfaits- Plain Greek yogurt, frozen berries, chia seeds, and granola. It’s not crazy innovative, but it has made for a great part of my lunch or a good breakfast to bring to work.

6. What We Said Podcast- I feel like I talk about this podcast a lot, but I look forward to it every week and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. Jaci and Chelsey do a great job of sharing inspiring stories and creating interesting content overall.

7. Atypical- I watched the first season super fast last year and it was the same for the second season. This show is the perfect combination of happy, funny, dramatic, sad, and inspiring. I think that’s why I like it so much. You can find it on Netflix.

8. Evening Walks- Every night Connor and I go for a walk. It’s so fun to get outside and explore. We have been able to find some cool places we want to check out, especially restaurants and coffee shops for our weekend adventures.

What have you been loving this month?


Goals Before The End of 2018

There are always a million things on my mind that I want to do, so I decided to set some goals for the end of the year. These are 5 things I have been talking about doing for awhile now and important to my overall happiness in some way.

1. Run a 5k or find a 5k to sign up for- I think this would be something fun for Connor and I to do together. I love running, so doing a little race would be fun.

2. Find somewhere to volunteer- There are tons of organizations in Chicago that I can get involved with! I really wanted to run with Back On My Feet, which is an organization I was involved with in high school and college in Indianapolis, but unfortunately the locations and running times don’t match up well with my current work schedule. Hopefully I can get involved after I’m done with training at work! I’m hoping to do something where I can work with kids too.

3. Start a podcast- I have no idea what I want to talk about yet, but I have a few ideas so far. Podcasts have been a big part of my life lately, so I thought it could be fun for me to start my own.

4. Try out Imperfect Produce- Connor and I have been meaning to do this. We see signs everywhere! Basically it’s a subscription for a box of fruit or veggies every week or every other week that aren’t in the best shape to be sold in stores! It’s a good way to reduce food waste.

5. Go on 5 more weekend trips- Y’all have probably noticed that Connor and I go on a quite a few weekend trips. Hopefully, we can make a few more before the end of the year! I want to go to Sleeping Bear Dunes for sure!


A Saturday in Chicago #2

Connor and I actually stayed in Chicago for the weekend. We have been going so many places it feels like so it’s nice to be home for the weekend. As always, Connor and I tried to make the most of our Saturday.

We slept in a bit, but not super late because now sleeping in is like 8:30 lol. We headed to Andersonville to walk around and get coffee. We went into some shops and just enjoyed the nice, chillier weather. I love that it is starting to feel like fall.

The coffee shop we went to is called The Coffee Studio. Connor got the caramel latte and I got a matcha latte. Both were yummy! After walking around a bit, we got back on the train to stop by our friend’s house.

We chatted with our friend a bit and then got back on the train so we could go to Chinatown for dinner. After a very full train ride, we made it to Chinatown. I had never been so we walked around quite a bit and decided where we wanted to eat. We decided on a dumpling place called Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings. Connor got pork and shrimp dumplings and I got mushroom and zucchini dumplings. We both loved what we got and were really hungry, so they hit the spot.

After dumplings we went to Joy Yee to get bubble tea. I heard a lot of good things about it, so I wanted to try it. I got a oolong milk tea with bubbles– it was definitely the best bubble tea I have ever had! After bubbles, we headed home for the night. We were out so long and walked around all day so we were ready to relax and watch some TV. What did you do this weekend?


Places I Want To Travel In The United States

Of course I want to travel all sorts of places abroad, but there are still so many places I want to visit in the United States. I’m hoping to go to a lot of these places in the next few years. I’m sure there are destinations I am forgetting, but here is a list of cities, parks, states, etc. that I am excited to go someday!

Maine- I don’t have a specific city or destination in mind for this one, but it’s definitely one of the top places I want to go.

New York City- I have been to New York before, just never the city. I have been wanting to go for awhile, but I especially want to go now because one of my best friends lives there now! While there, I want to do all the tourist stuff and go to a ton of restaurants. I have a ton of places saved on Instagram that I want to try.

Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan- I feel like this is a random place to want to go, but it looks fun! Hoping to go before it gets cold!

Garden of the Gods- Connor and I keep seeing ads for this place and it looks really pretty! Not too far either because it’s in Illinois!

7 Magic Mountains- This place just looks cool! If I’m ever in Nevada I’m going to make sure to check it out.

Yosemite National Park- This is one of the top parks I want to visit. I’m hoping we will get to go soon! Connor says it’s really pretty!

Seattle, Washington- I have never been to Washington before, and Seattle is a city I want to visit! No particular reason.

Hawaii- My parents went to Hawaii last year and it looked really pretty. I’m not exactly sure where in Hawaii I want to go, but it’s a top place on my list.

Alaska- Hoping to see the Northern Lights if I go to Alaska. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to go to Iceland lol.

Mount Rushmore- I would have never wanted to go to Mount Rushmore when I was little, but ever since my friend Emi and I joked about going for spring break in high school, I have wanted to go.

Arches National Park- Arches is another Park I want to visit. In general, I want to go to Utah because I have never been, and Arches would be a top priority on that trip.

Antelope Canyon- I saw a picture of this on Instagram the other day and it looked so cool, so it made the list! Also, I have never been to Arizona, so this could be a great reason to go, along with the Grand Canyon and other parks!


Weekend In Indiana

I feel like all I do now is write posts about my weekend. But I love the weekend and try to make the most of my weekends! This past weekend Connor and I headed home to Indiana. We wanted to spend some time with family and meet up with some of our college friends who are either still in college or living in Indiana still!

Connor and I headed to Indiana after work on Friday. The drive actually felt really short and I sadly had to limit the Eminem we listened to because Connor thinks I listen to Eminem too much. Can’t help it though because he is my favorite! I got home around 11pm and talked with my parents a bit, then made myself at home on the couch in the room I used to sleep in.

The next morning, my parents and I met my sister for breakfast. I got eggs Benedict. Overall, my family didn’t love the place we chose, but that’s ok. I liked the coffee I had. After breakfast, my sister and I went to two Targets. I don’t go to Target often in Chicago and I heard there were some cute clothes there and I wanted to get a cute bath mat I saw online. I ended up with one shirt and the bath mat.

After spending time with my sister, I packed a bag and picked up my best friend, Emi. Connor and I planned to meet some friends in Bloomington, where our old college is. Emi and I drove to Bloomington, picked up Connor’s sister, and went to the new bubble tea shop that recently opened. I have never been a bubble tea girl, but I wanted to give it another try. Emi loves bubbles so I knew we had to go. I got the taro bubble tea, Emi got oolong, and Emilee got the coffee bubbles. The new shop is actually adorable, so if you are ever in Bloomington, I recommend stopping by!

We went to hang out with Connor’s family for a bit and catch up. Then we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Bloomington– Ami. It’s the sushi place I have probably written about like 100 times. We met some friends there, chatted, and enjoyed our sushi. I got an avocado roll and a shiitake roll– both were delicious. After dinner, we met up with a big group of friends and went to some of the bars we would always go to during college. It was nice to be back, especially because I have missed my friends.

The next morning we headed home to pick up a few things for our apartment and grab some groceries. My parents and Connor’s parents were both so kind to send us back with some of our favorite foods! The drive back didn’t feel as short as the ride to Indiana, but we got back pretty smoothly!

I’m already excited for my next trip home. It’s great seeing friends and family. And it’s kind of relaxing to be at home. Still love Chicago so much though!


Podcasts I’m Subscribed To

I actually listen to these too. There are some podcasts I am subscribed to that I never actually listen to and just scroll by. Maybe someday I’ll give those another try!

These are my favorites that I listen to each week:

Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Health Daily

Optimal Business Daily

The Advanced Selling Podcast

B2B Growth

In The Arena

The Health Code Podcast

What We Said

Gals On The Go

Thick and Thin

I am obsessed with podcasts lately. I barely listen to music anymore unless I’m running. I love that I always have one to listen to each day on my commute to work. I look forward to Monday morning when a ton of podcasts show up on my phone.

I have tried out some other podcasts over the past year or so, but nothing I have really stuck with other than these. I am always trying to find new ones, but I don’t always make time to listen to all of my favorites on this list either. Regardless, check out some podcasts because I am so glad I started listening to them!

What are your favorite podcasts? Do you prefer music or podcasts? Definitely comment some recommendations!