Be Grateful For The Little Things Each Day

Be grateful for the little things each day: I feel like I have always been like this. But lately, the little things are what make the days so great. Overall, my days are usually pretty good, but also stressful. Because I am stressed from 8 to 5 everyday, I make sure notice, acknowledge, and be thankful for the little moments in the day that make it brighter. I think it is important that we have moments in the day that we look forward to (and not just 5 or 6pm when we get off work lol). I have been doing certain things each day that help me relax and enjoy the day more.

Some little things that make me smile/happy each day:

1. drinking my matcha tea in the morning

2. the occasional kombucha, when I treat myself

3. the podcasts I listen to– lucky for me, all of my favorite podcasts are up different days of the week, so I always look forward to them each morning

4. seeing dogs as I walk through my neighborhood or to work (today I saw a corgi… my favorite)

5. hearing about my coworkers weekends/nights after work

6. coming home after work and hanging out with Connor

7. running around my new area of Chicago

8. bagel days at work

10. reading blogs

11. writing blogs

12. moscow mules every now and then

13. face masks

14. listening to Eminem

15. doing kind things for others

16. random acts of kindness from others– today a coworker brought me a passionfruit La Croix, which is my favorite. It was such a nice surprise.

Remember the little things on your bad days. Sometimes the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on your day and your mood. I know the corgi I saw today made my whole week lol. What little things do you look forward to each day/ what brightens your day? 🙂

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