I Visited The World’s Largest Gnome

This will be a short post but I just wanted to share something I was excited about. It might not be the coolest thing ever, but my boyfriend and I drove to Iowa for the day on Saturday so I could see the World’s Largest Gnome. I have liked gnomes and just thought they were cute since some younger girls on the cross country team in high school gave me one before I went to college. Ever since, that gnome has been in all my apartments.

The World’s Largest Gnome is in Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa. We made a day of it by visiting one of my good friends/my sister’s best friend. We visited the gnome, took some photos, and then had lunch with her. She also gave us a little tour of the Iowa State campus. It was a really nice campus and fun to see.

She also recommended a bridge that looks really cool at night (it lights up blue), so Connor and I went there on our way back to Chicago. It wasn’t dark out so the bridge wasn’t lit up, but it was still fun to see and a had a nice view.

Overall, I would say the 5 hour road trip was worth it. I got to go to Iowa for the first time. I checked something off my bucket list (the gnome), I got to see a good friend, and I got to hang out with Connor all day! I think our next little trip is going to be to Minnesota to visit one of our college friends!

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