Blog Drafts From 3 Years Ago

I have so many drafts here on my blog. Every idea I have ever had is in my drafts. Some drafts have words, sentences, or paragraphs. Others are empty. I have drafts that are longer than any post I have ever written. I have posts that I wrote 3 years ago when I started this blog. One day I will post them, but as of now they are not ready yet.

It is weird to think that I have had these drafts for so long. They are full of things I intended to share in that moment, or ideas that I thought I had finished dreaming up. I kind of like that I have all of these drafts. They show me that I am constantly thinking of new posts and actually passionate about my blog. I think these drafts show how I have grown, but also how I am still the same girl I was a few years back. I still have many of the same goals and stories about myself that aren’t over yet.

Do you have a long list of drafts waiting to be published? Are some of them just there for only you to read? Or do you post everything you write? Blogging is inspiring, therapeutic, and energizing. I am glad I stumbled upon this hobby because I feel lucky to read so many great posts each day, connect with other bloggers, and write whatever I want for anyone who decides to read my posts.

2 thoughts on “Blog Drafts From 3 Years Ago”

  1. I, too, have a bunch of drafts. I think like 24. Two of them are fiction stories I started back in college, not sure why I wrote them in here. Maybe it was before I realized what Google drive was? But most of my drafts have a few sentences in them or are just titles for future ideas. I’ve noticed, though, I haven’t touched most of them… maybe I should just delete them to make room for new ones.


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