Goals For The Week 8/5/18

I’m back with my goals for this week, like always 🙂 Last week I set out out to drink more water, finish packing, go to a new restaurant I want to try in Indy, go for a bike ride, take some things to Goodwill, and have the best week at camp. Sadly, I didn’t drink a lot of water– for some reason I don’t think about drinking water when I’m working at day camp. I definitely should because I am outside all day, but I think I will be better about it once I start my desk job. I also didn’t have time for a bike ride as I was never really home to bike this week.

I did try a new restaurant with my friend Samantha. We tried The Garden Table and you can read more about it in one of my recent blog posts. I did take things to Goodwill as I slowly emptied my room. And I had a great week at camp. I can’t say it was the best because I have really loved each week, but it was a great last week with the kids!

This week my goals are more simple because it is my first week living in Chicago. My main goals this week are:

  1. Have a good first day of work and get there safely. I have to drive to the headquarters for the first day instead of taking the train to my office, so I am slightly scared of the fast Chicago drivers lol
  2. Go for a run around my new neighborhood
  3. Drink more water
  4. Get everything unpacked
  5. Listen to a new podcast each morning on the way to work

I hope you all have a productive, happy week. What are you trying to accomplish this week? Or what goals did you meet last week?

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