My Last Week In Indy

Its currently my last week in Indy. I have a long list of places I want to eat in Indy. I wanted to try at least a few of them before my move to Chicago. These are some of the places that I checked off my list in the past couple weeks!

The Garden Table

I have been interested in trying this restaurant for awhile. There are two locations in Indy– one on Massachusetts Avenue and one in Broad Ripple. I went to the one on Mass Ave. with my friend Samantha. I pretty much wanted to try everything on the menu– especially the juices, matcha latte, various toasts, the poke bowl (minus the tuna), and the açaí bowl. I went for the matcha latte and the whipped feta toast. I really enjoyed the toast. The whipped feta was so nice with the corn. I could have lived without the green beans, but they were still fine! Next time, I would add an egg, but I honestly forgot. The matcha latte was a little milky but I imagine they usually taste a lot better!

Sun King Distillery

Another place I tried was Sun King. I went for drinks because I had already eaten dinner, but I was pretty satisfied with what I tried and I really liked the actual restaurant/bar. I would like to go during the day sometime so I can enjoy the patio!

My boyfriend and I each got two drinks and my sister got one non-alcoholic drink. I tried a “Monon Mule” because I love moscow mules and they almost always taste great. I also got “I’m Your Huckleberry” which had kombucha in it and I could definitely taste it. My boyfriend got “Matcha Bird” and “Dunder Party.” I preferred the matcha drink because the other was a little too strong for me. My sister got the “Hucklesaurus Rex” which is pretty much a huckleberry lemonade slushie. You can get it with or without alcohol. I thought it was delicious and was actually a perfect slushie consistency.

The Lemon Bar

The last place I wanted to check out before moving was The Lemon Bar. It is a cute little restaurant in Zionsville. It is the perfect spot for cute Instagram photos and foodies because the decor is fun and there is a nice patio outside. I went with my sister and our friend. I wasn’t super hungry so I didn’t want to get a full meal so I got the “Pickled Beet Deviled Eggs.” I love deviled eggs and they seemed like a fun choice. I actually really liked them and thought the bright pink color was a fun twist on a normal deviled egg. I didn’t notice any sign of beets other than the color, which I guess could be a good thing. To drink, I got a strawberry basil moscow mule and it was so good. Overall, I think The Lemon Bar is a little overpriced but a fun place to try out!

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