July Favorites

July flew by and summer is almost over for me. I had a nice July. A little stressful but full of good memories and fun. As always, I wanted to share some of my favorites from July.

Yellow nail polish- so fun, on trend, and cute for summer.

The Fosters- I have been watching this show since high school and there was finally a new season on Netflix. It was good like it always was, but sadly that was the last season! I definitely recommend watching it if you haven’t. It really opens up a conversation about many issues in the world and with growing up.

Eminem- I have always loved Eminem, but I have been listening to his old music so much lately.

Red and white striped romper- I got this romper for 12 dollars at Marshall’s. It’s just your average cotton romper but it’s so comfy and can go with anything. I usually wear mine with sneakers but you can dress it up a bit too.

“The Defining Decade” by Meg Jay- this book is all about your 20s. I listened to the audio book with my boyfriend last year but started the actual book this summer. It has given me some advice on certain things in my life and I love that it is geared toward where I am in life right now.

Caprese Sandwiches- this has been my go-to lunch after work this month. Sour dough, pesto, mozzarella, and tomato are the only ingredients you need for a filling, yummy meal.

Moscow mules- one of my favorite adult drinks. I have had a few good ones this month: many traditional ones, a basil one, and strawberry basil.

Walmart bathing suit- I got a rainbow bathing suit at Walmart this summer and I absolutely love it. First, I think stripes and colorful patterns are super cute for the summer. Second, the swim suit was super affordable. I got the whole thing, top and bottom, for 15 dollars. So far, after over 10 wears, it is holding up well too! I’m going to remember Walmart each summer when I’m looking for bathing suits because I was really impressed this year.

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