Things I’m Going To Miss About Indy

My family and my pup, Daisy

My backyard– I think my mom did a great job making it so nice and cute

Running at my high school track

Nicey Treat and getting popsicles with my sister

My summer job at the day camp, especially the counselors and campers

Being close to Bloomington

The Monon Trail

Going to Target with my sister

Grocery shopping at Kroger, my favorite grocery store

Riding my bike

Being close to my extended family

My purple bedroom and all do the random trinkets I had spread across every surface around my room

My stuffed toys from when I was younger. Maybe I’m too old for them, but I love them as much as I did when I got them

My favorite restaurants and coffee shops where I spent way too much money

The way everything feels familiar when I am at home and around town

I know I will miss a lot more about Indianapolis and the place I have called home for so long, but Chicago will be an exciting adventure.

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