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Goals For The Week 7/30/18

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m back with my goals for the week. I didn’t do the best job sticking to my goals last week but it was a pretty crazy week. I did floss everyday, pack more boxes, and try a restaurant on my list. I applied for an apartment but haven’t signed a lease yet. This week I am hoping to get my goals accomplished as I am moving this Friday!

1. Drink more water

2. Finish packing

3. Go to one restaurant I have been wanting to try

4. Go for a bike ride

5. Goodwill run

6. Have the best week at camp

These goals will definitely help me get ready for my move but also allow me to enjoy my last few days in Indy! Just a reminder — I think goal setting and holding yourself accountable is important, but being spontaneous and going with the flow is important too! Hope you all have an awesome week!

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