Last Trip To Bloomington

On Tuesday I took my last trip to Bloomington for awhile. Bloomington is where I went to college the last 4 years and it was time to finish emptying out my apartment and move out for good. It is definitely bittersweet because I love Bloomington and had the best college experience, but I really hated my apartment. My boyfriend was also getting the last of his belongings from his house so we made an afternoon of the trip so we could have fun, rather than just move out.

Moving out was kind of fun and challenging because we had to fit everything in his small car. We had planned on taking a different car, but when we got to his house we found that someone else had taken it for the day. Lucky for us, we managed to get everything in there after a few Goodwill runs.

Aside from moving we got coffee at Hopscotch Coffee which I had never tried. We always go to Soma Coffeehouse but it was closed for the day on Tuesday– the perfect opportunity to try something new. I got a matcha latte and Connor got a salted caramel latte.

After an early morning at day camp, it was exactly what we needed. Other than coffee, we got a late lunch (or early dinner) at Ami, my favorite restaurant in Bloomington. It is a sushi place and on Tuesday’s it is 30 percent off, so it was our lucky day. I got a futomaki roll and a sweet potato roll (my favorite), which I devoured immediately.

After dinner, we stopped to see Connor’s grandmother before heading home. We are moving next week so it was good to see her before the big move. Overall, it was a nice and productive afternoon. I love how Bloomington will always feel like home and familiar to me, even when I am not living there. I am excited to go back sometime this year for football game and to get together with my college friends. I am definitely going to miss Bloomington, especially the restaurants, but I am excited to be moving back to another city I love.

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