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Goals For The Week 7/22/18

Back with my weekly goals. I have a few for this week and most of them are centered around my move to Chicago. As for accomplishing my goals last week… I did blog at least once, I was more patient at work, I did pack up 3 more boxes, I did give a gift, and I wore my retainer at least 3 days. I didn’t read everyday or run 3 days. I was out of town over the weekend with friends so I wanted to spend time with them. I also opted to get my cardio taken care of through jump roping most days after work. I will try to make more time for those activities this week, but packing up and preparing to move has been getting in the way physically and mentally.

This week I want to:

Run at least 3 times

Floss everyday

Take stuff to Goodwill

Get more boxes and finish packing

Sign a lease

Go to one of the restaurants I want to try before I move

I have been quite stressed out the past few weeks, so getting these goals accomplished will help with that. What goals do you have for the week?

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