My Take On Diet And Exercise

Today someone commented on my Instagram asking what my macros were. I found this funny because I have never once mentioned my macros and because I don’t count macros — I don’t count anything. This inspired me to write this post. I have briefly mentioned this on Instagram before, but I figured I might as well get into a bit more detail on the blog!

My health and fitness journey has been an interesting one. I went from being super into running and eating “perfect” (in my opinion at the time) to hating running and not caring as much about having a perfect diet. All of that is fine to a certain extent and may work for you, but neither of those work/worked for me.

First, running all the time, everyday, no matter what, is not always healthy for your mind or body. Eating “clean” isn’t necessarily either. I don’t think I had an ice cream cone for over 2 years during this phase of my life. And that’s crazy because I love ice cream! You all know that lol.

Then I decided running shouldn’t be a part of my life for awhile so I took a break from it, as many of you know. Of course, I still ate pretty well and worked out, but my body and mind didn’t feel satisfied.

However, I found what works for me– it’s not running everyday or eating only veggies. It’s not avoiding running or eating only ice cream. It’s running, biking, going to the gym, eating my veggies, fruits, protein sources, and ice cream. I have a very balanced lifestyle, at least I think. I want my mind and body to be happy ultimately. I don’t need to fulfill a certain number of carbs or protein. I don’t need to run 6 miles each day.

I have found that balance and listening to your body can do wonders. You are happier. You are healthier. You have a better relationship with yourself and the world around you. So no, I don’t count macros. But I can always count on my body and mind to tell me what I need to do!

I can go into more detail in another post if anyone is interested in what kinds of work outs I do or what a typical day or week of eating consists of.

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