Monitoring My Positivity

This is a compilation of my positive and negative moments from a week ago. I wrote down the things that made me happy and the things that made me feel more negative in order to find my ratio for that day!


Positives: I had mango with breakfast, we made it through swim time without a crisis, there were lots of cute moments with that kids at camp, I had Dunkin’ iced coffee, I had time to read, I got to see some friends at Top Golf, I drank my first Moscow mule in way too long, and I got to watch queer Eye with my boyfriend.

Negatives: I woke up not wanting to get up, I was upset about how expensive Top Golf is, the peppers on my sandwich were so spicy that it almost wasn’t good, and I was a little grumpy from being tired.

Ratio: 2:1


Positives: I actually felt awake when I woke up for work, we did bubbles at work which is so fun — the kids love popping the bubbles, I got coffee at a new place with my boyfriend, I got some work/blogging stuff done, I got to read a lot, and I really like the book.

Negatives: The kids were wild today — it was a little stressful and I had trouble falling asleep.

Ratio: 3:1


Positives: I went to Barnes and Noble, I watched a good movie, and we had a water fight at work.

Negatives: I got locked out of the system I do my part time job on, so I was frustrated I couldn’t do my work.

Ratio: 3:1


Positives: Hedgehog Hannah came to camp so we got to see animals, the kids were fun today, and we had a water fight.

Negatives: I was really tired and my family got locked out of the house.

Ratio: 3:2


Positives: I went to the farmers market with my family, I packed up a lot of stuff for Chicago, I ran, and I got ramen and ice cream with my best friend.

Negatives: I was not excited to wake up early the next day.

Ratio: 4:1


Positives: I got most of my stuff moved out of my college apartment, I got my favorite coffee, I took a picture I have always wanted to take, I listened to old songs with my sister in the car and sang along, I started packing, and I had time to read.

Negatives: Packing my stuff because its sad to leave Bloomington and my home and being in Bloomington and realizing I don’t get to live there anymore or go back to school.

Ratio: 3:1


Positives: We made slime at camp, I hung out with two of my high school friends, I sold stuff at Plato’s, I had a matcha latte, I did a stair workout, I blogged, and I finished a book (To Sell Is Human).

Negatives: I was super hungry for a bit today and wasn’t satisfied with how my edamame turned out and I really needed some WiFi to get things done on my computer.

Ratio: 7:2

Based on these notes I took throughout the week and the ratios associated, I had a decently positive week as 3:1 is the optimal ratio. Looking back, some of the negative moments don’t seem so important. That is something I need to work on — not letting the negative moments get me down during the day or even “ruin” my day.

As for the positive moments, seeing what I wrote down and what made me happy throughout the week is nice. I can make sure I prioritize or do some of these things more often so that I have a more positive mood throughout the week.

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