June Favorites

It’s July!! I can’t believe it. June really flew by. July is going to be a busy month for me as I prepare to move to Chicago. But before I move on to July, I thought I would share some things I liked, ate, watched, etc. during the month of June!

1. Queer Eye- I loved the first season so I was really excited for the second one! If you haven’t started this show yet, head on over to Netflix!

2. Danielle Marie Carolan on YouTube- I love her videos lately. She is really good at keeping up with her channel and actually showing the cool stuff she does in the vlogs. She also keeps things really positive which I like!

3. Scholars Inn Bagel (Everyseed)- I discovered these during my last semester at IU. They are the best everything bagels ever because they have a ton of seeds on them unlike your typical everything bagel.

4. Neon phone case (Speck brand)- I found my bright yellow case at Marshall’s and it is just so summery and fun!

5. Marshall’s- I live pretty close to a Marshall’s right now. Actually, dangerously close because I love it so much! Gotta go get all the deals!

6. Bananas- my breakfast every morning at 5:30 am.

7. La Croix- I am shocked this is on my list because I never thought I’d like it, but my sister got me hooked. It’s so refreshing and sometimes I just don’t want plain water. My favorite flavors are passionfruit and lime.

8. Set It Up- I heard this movie was good from a friend of mine. I thought it was so cute and funny! Definitely recommend it! It’s on Netflix.

9. Be Kind Bracelet- My sister got me a simple beaded bracelet from Michael’s (the craft store) for a dollar! I wear it everyday and love the “be kind” saying on it. It’s a good reminder and just cute, especially for my summer camp days.

10. Running- I’m happy this is on my favorites list. It’s an old passion of mine I’m hoping to keep loving again. I like running in the afternoon when it’s really hot. I know that makes no sense but I feel really strong when I run then.

11. Jump Roping- I used to jump rope all the time when I was younger. Honestly, I was better then, but I love it. It’s a great way to exercise that is fun. I like to jump rope to really fun music, alternating between fast and slow jumping.

12. The Mountain album from Dierks Bentley- I love Dierks Bentley and his latest album is so good. My favorite song is “Living.”

13. Iced Matcha Lattes- I like them much better than coffee and they more refreshing in my opinion.

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