Things Iā€™m Going To Miss About Indy

My family and my pup, Daisy

My backyard– I think my mom did a great job making it so nice and cute

Running at my high school track

Nicey Treat and getting popsicles with my sister

My summer job at the day camp, especially the counselors and campers

Being close to Bloomington

The Monon Trail

Going to Target with my sister

Grocery shopping at Kroger, my favorite grocery store

Riding my bike

Being close to my extended family

My purple bedroom and all do the random trinkets I had spread across every surface around my room

My stuffed toys from when I was younger. Maybe I’m too old for them, but I love them as much as I did when I got them

My favorite restaurants and coffee shops where I spent way too much money

The way everything feels familiar when I am at home and around town

I know I will miss a lot more about Indianapolis and the place I have called home for so long, but Chicago will be an exciting adventure.

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Goals For The Week 7/30/18

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m back with my goals for the week. I didn’t do the best job sticking to my goals last week but it was a pretty crazy week. I did floss everyday, pack more boxes, and try a restaurant on my list. I applied for an apartment but haven’t signed a lease yet. This week I am hoping to get my goals accomplished as I am moving this Friday!

1. Drink more water

2. Finish packing

3. Go to one restaurant I have been wanting to try

4. Go for a bike ride

5. Goodwill run

6. Have the best week at camp

These goals will definitely help me get ready for my move but also allow me to enjoy my last few days in Indy! Just a reminder — I think goal setting and holding yourself accountable is important, but being spontaneous and going with the flow is important too! Hope you all have an awesome week!


Last Trip To Bloomington

On Tuesday I took my last trip to Bloomington for awhile. Bloomington is where I went to college the last 4 years and it was time to finish emptying out my apartment and move out for good. It is definitely bittersweet because I love Bloomington and had the best college experience, but I really hated my apartment. My boyfriend was also getting the last of his belongings from his house so we made an afternoon of the trip so we could have fun, rather than just move out.

Moving out was kind of fun and challenging because we had to fit everything in his small car. We had planned on taking a different car, but when we got to his house we found that someone else had taken it for the day. Lucky for us, we managed to get everything in there after a few Goodwill runs.

Aside from moving we got coffee at Hopscotch Coffee which I had never tried. We always go to Soma Coffeehouse but it was closed for the day on Tuesday– the perfect opportunity to try something new. I got a matcha latte and Connor got a salted caramel latte.

After an early morning at day camp, it was exactly what we needed. Other than coffee, we got a late lunch (or early dinner) at Ami, my favorite restaurant in Bloomington. It is a sushi place and on Tuesday’s it is 30 percent off, so it was our lucky day. I got a futomaki roll and a sweet potato roll (my favorite), which I devoured immediately.

After dinner, we stopped to see Connor’s grandmother before heading home. We are moving next week so it was good to see her before the big move. Overall, it was a nice and productive afternoon. I love how Bloomington will always feel like home and familiar to me, even when I am not living there. I am excited to go back sometime this year for football game and to get together with my college friends. I am definitely going to miss Bloomington, especially the restaurants, but I am excited to be moving back to another city I love.

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Goals For The Week 7/22/18

Back with my weekly goals. I have a few for this week and most of them are centered around my move to Chicago. As for accomplishing my goals last week… I did blog at least once, I was more patient at work, I did pack up 3 more boxes, I did give a gift, and I wore my retainer at least 3 days. I didn’t read everyday or run 3 days. I was out of town over the weekend with friends so I wanted to spend time with them. I also opted to get my cardio taken care of through jump roping most days after work. I will try to make more time for those activities this week, but packing up and preparing to move has been getting in the way physically and mentally.

This week I want to:

Run at least 3 times

Floss everyday

Take stuff to Goodwill

Get more boxes and finish packing

Sign a lease

Go to one of the restaurants I want to try before I move

I have been quite stressed out the past few weeks, so getting these goals accomplished will help with that. What goals do you have for the week?


Happy National Ice Cream Day

Of all the food related “holidays,” National Ice Cream Day is definitely my favorite. I love ice cream, as most of you know, and its crazy to me that I spent 2 years avoiding it. Today, to celebrate, I went to one of my favorite spots in Indy, Nicey Treat. I have blogged about it before, but in case you missed it, Nicey Treat is a popsicle shop that specializes in natural treats made with whole, local, and recognizable ingredients. I have been going there since high school and have tried a good number of the flavors.

In order to continue celebrating, I wanted to share some of my favorite ice cream treats that I have had lately or find myself getting again and again šŸ™‚







What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Leave a comment šŸ™‚ Mine is mint chocolate chip!


Goals For The Week 7/15/18

I have been thinking about doing a weekly post about my goals for the upcoming week for a while now. I get very invested in my goals so I feel like this will be a good way for me to stick to my commitments and intentions for the week. Some of these goals will be little, but others will be something I may continue to work on in following weeks.

This week I want to:

Blog at least once

Be very patient at work

Pack up 3 more boxes

Go on at least 3 runs

Give a gift

Read at least one page of my book each day (I can obviously read more)

Wear my retainer 3 days this week (I rarely wear my retainer, so this would be good lol)

What are your intentions/goals for this week? Feel free to comment šŸ™‚