Podcast Thoughts #1

The other night I listened to a podcast that I really enjoyed. It was short and sweet, but relevant, at least to me, in this stage of my life. The episode is from one of my favorite podcast shows: In The Arena. The episode is called “The Person Who Comes After the Person You Are Now. ”

I just wanted to quickly share what I found important from the podcast and why I liked it. The podcast was about what you are doing now to achieve your goals and become the person you want to be in the future. That is the overall message and I think it is really important. We spend so much of our time thinking about what we want to achieve or neglecting our true goals. We do things that may not lead us to who we will be next or who we want to be. The only way we will reach those is through working actively toward those goals by doing something to move forward.

This made me think of where I am in life. I am a dreamer, like I mention in a whole lot of my posts. I have all these dreams and big goals that I want to reach but I am not always putting myself in a position to reach these goals. I don’t draft new blogs each day, I haven’t bought new running shoes, etc. This podcast sort of put me in my place.

After listening I am writing a blog post, creating Instagram ideas, plotting out my future vlog channel, and writing down every thought that crosses my mind. We all need to remember that in order to reach who we want to be later in life, we need to work for it, prioritize it, and actively choose to make some changes that make it possible.

I really enjoyed the podcast and it was very motivating for me. Go out and work toward the next, better version of yourself and check out the other episodes of In The Arena if you are interested.

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