A Positivity Experiment

I have been reading “To Sell Is Human” by Daniel Pink and he talked about your positivity ratio in one of the chapters. I found this very fascinating and immediately went to the website listed in the book to discover my ratio. My ratio was a 1.8:1 for my day on Monday. I felt like I had a really nice day but my ratio didn’t match up with the ideal ratio of 3:1 (I don’t think this is a big deal or terribly alarming but it did make me curious).

This little quiz inspired me to track my positive and negative moments each day for a week and then post about it afterwards! I am not sure what I hope to uncover from this but I want to be more aware of my feelings throughout the day. Maybe I will find a pattern of things that are bringing negativity into my life and find a way to best approach it!

If anything, I think this will be fun and a good way to reflect on my day in a new way! If you are at all interested in this I definitely recommend “To Sell Is Human” and looking into some of Brenda Fredrickson’s research and information regarding positivity (the quiz I took was on her website and mentioned in “To Sell Is Human”).

Check out the quiz here:

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