What I Have Learned Working At Day Camp

I have enjoyed working with kids and learning from them. I think my favorite thing about spending time with kids is their positivity and ability to create anything. For example, a little girl was saying how her mom wants her to drink more water. She said she doesn’t love water all the time so she pretends her water is hot cocoa — she loves hot cocoa. It is the little things that kids can do that put a smile on your face or put a positive spin on any situation. This is a list of leanings that I think are really important to recognize in all situations, not just when working at a camp or with little kids.

1. Be kind

2. Include everyone

3. Be willing to try new things

4. Be willing to do things you don’t want to do/have never done

5. Be open minded

6. Be curious

7. Recognize that people will say no to you

8. Smile

9. Always try to help others on their bad days

10. Be patient and understanding in difficult situations


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