Podcast Thoughts #1

The other night I listened to a podcast that I really enjoyed. It was short and sweet, but relevant, at least to me, in this stage of my life. The episode is from one of my favorite podcast shows: In The Arena. The episode is called “The Person Who Comes After the Person You Are Now. ”

I just wanted to quickly share what I found important from the podcast and why I liked it. The podcast was about what you are doing now to achieve your goals and become the person you want to be in the future. That is the overall message and I think it is really important. We spend so much of our time thinking about what we want to achieve or neglecting our true goals. We do things that may not lead us to who we will be next or who we want to be. The only way we will reach those is through working actively toward those goals by doing something to move forward.

This made me think of where I am in life. I am a dreamer, like I mention in a whole lot of my posts. I have all these dreams and big goals that I want to reach but I am not always putting myself in a position to reach these goals. I don’t draft new blogs each day, I haven’t bought new running shoes, etc. This podcast sort of put me in my place.

After listening I am writing a blog post, creating Instagram ideas, plotting out my future vlog channel, and writing down every thought that crosses my mind. We all need to remember that in order to reach who we want to be later in life, we need to work for it, prioritize it, and actively choose to make some changes that make it possible.

I really enjoyed the podcast and it was very motivating for me. Go out and work toward the next, better version of yourself and check out the other episodes of In The Arena if you are interested.


A Positivity Experiment

I have been reading “To Sell Is Human” by Daniel Pink and he talked about your positivity ratio in one of the chapters. I found this very fascinating and immediately went to the website listed in the book to discover my ratio. My ratio was a 1.8:1 for my day on Monday. I felt like I had a really nice day but my ratio didn’t match up with the ideal ratio of 3:1 (I don’t think this is a big deal or terribly alarming but it did make me curious).

This little quiz inspired me to track my positive and negative moments each day for a week and then post about it afterwards! I am not sure what I hope to uncover from this but I want to be more aware of my feelings throughout the day. Maybe I will find a pattern of things that are bringing negativity into my life and find a way to best approach it!

If anything, I think this will be fun and a good way to reflect on my day in a new way! If you are at all interested in this I definitely recommend “To Sell Is Human” and looking into some of Brenda Fredrickson’s research and information regarding positivity (the quiz I took was on her website and mentioned in “To Sell Is Human”).

Check out the quiz here:



Things I Am Thankful For: Sunday June 25

1. Waking up in my cloud-like bed

2. Having a fresh sesame seed bagel for breakfast

3. Biking with my best friend

4. Water because I was so thirsty after a bike ride in the heat

5. Cheese samples at Kroger

6. The smell of my face mask

7. Podcasts that make me feel motivated

8. Time to blog

9. Time to work and get ahead for the week

10. Dinner with my family

11. Ice cream before bed

What are you thankful for today?


How To Get Back Into Running

If you read my last post, you know I have taken up running (more frequently) again. My boyfriend actually suggested I write a post about how to get back into running and I thought that would be a good idea, so that is what I will be posting about today. I am not an expert when it comes to exercise or running, but I have run most of my life. These are some tips that I have for getting into running for the first time or getting back into running after a long hiatus, like me.

1. Find your favorite time to run- I think this is super important because it makes you more motivated to run and it becomes more routine for you. Personally, I like to run in the afternoon or evening after eating something. It gives me way more energy and I don’t feel forced to wake up at like 4am to run before work.

2. Start small- This is something I used to be terrible at. I always wanted to run for 40 minutes to an hour at 7 minute pace. This is not practical when starting out or restarting. Start with a walk run, or a 10 minute run. This helps you build up and make small improvements each time you run, but also keeps you from expecting too much from a run or dreading running each day.

3. Make a new playlist- Music can be so motivating. For me, I really only listen to music when I drive, which totals to around 20 minutes a day. Going out for my daily run is an excuse for me to listen to my favorite songs or a new playlist I made. So try making a new playlist with your favorite motivational music to get you out the door and working toward your new running goal.

4. Mix other exercise in with running- Restarting your running journey doesn’t mean you have to run everyday. I’m sure you have other forms of exercise you like to do other than running. I know I do. Mix those activities in throughout the week so running isn’t the only thing you. Maybe run 3 or 4 days a week and do yoga, hike, bike, lift weights, etc. the other 1-3 days a week. I find this works best for me as I enjoy other exercise like biking and don’t want to force myself into another running rut.

I hope these tips help at least a little bit with your personal running journey. I am sure I will come across new tips during the next few weeks as I get back into running, so there can always be a part 2 to this post 🙂

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Reclaiming Running

As many of my long time followers or friends may know, I spent a very large part of my life running. I LOVED it. I raced myself every day trying to get better. Everything I did was to make myself the best runner.

After my half marathon a couple years ago I lost touch with running. I was very proud of my hard work leading up to the race and my overall performance. I only planned to take a couple weeks off to enjoy the last part of school, but some part of me needed more time off. So that’s what I did– I took some time from running. I didn’t run everyday and only ran every now and then. I continued to exercise in other ways, but I almost hated running for some reason. Generally, I was mad at running for taking up so much of my time, my thoughts, etc. It wasn’t something I loved or longed to do anymore. That was hard for me to understand and deal with, but I am really happy I took some time away from the sport. (I can do another post on this if anyone is interested)

Recently, I have been running very frequently. Not everyday, but as much as I have time for. And I have been loving it. I want to lace up my sneakers and “enjoy” the 95 degree weather. I love how I feel before, during, and after my run. I think running is something I am ready to enjoy and do way more.

I think it’s about time to buy a new pair of running shoes. That is all 🙂 Hope you all are having a nice week and enjoying the super hot weather.


What I Have Learned Working At Day Camp

I have enjoyed working with kids and learning from them. I think my favorite thing about spending time with kids is their positivity and ability to create anything. For example, a little girl was saying how her mom wants her to drink more water. She said she doesn’t love water all the time so she pretends her water is hot cocoa — she loves hot cocoa. It is the little things that kids can do that put a smile on your face or put a positive spin on any situation. This is a list of leanings that I think are really important to recognize in all situations, not just when working at a camp or with little kids.

1. Be kind

2. Include everyone

3. Be willing to try new things

4. Be willing to do things you don’t want to do/have never done

5. Be open minded

6. Be curious

7. Recognize that people will say no to you

8. Smile

9. Always try to help others on their bad days

10. Be patient and understanding in difficult situations