Decluttering is something I have been trying to do since I returned home from college. I have a couple of months before my move to Chicago and I have a lot of everything. I know I don’t need all of the things spread throughout my room, but for some reason I find so many excuses to keep these things. I think everything has sentimental value. I remember in middle keeping a box full of Taco Bell receipts. I kept them because Taco Bell was where the cross country team would go after our meets. I definitely don’t have them anymore (thankfully lol), but you get the idea.

The most important thing for me to go through, sell, and donate are clothes. I have so many clothes, probably because my whole closet at home is full of my middle/high school favorites and so many t-shirts from cross country. I have done pretty well so far on narrowing down my closet. I took a huge box to Plato’s Closet to sell and have a pile growing daily for Goodwill. And of course, a box of some of my favorites that I think one of my good friends would like!

Even with the decluttering I have done so far, especially clothing wise, I still have so many pieces that I don’t really wear. I know I will have to donate them or give them to a friend, but for some reason I can’t part with them. Hopefully by the end of the summer my wardrobe will be all of my favorite pieces that I wear all the time, work clothes (business casual), and then work out clothes.

With some of the other things cluttering my room, like knick knacks, books, mugs, gnomes (lol), pillows, etc., I think I need a better way of organizing those. It is sort of tricky for me because I will be moving soon and will likely take many of these things with me or keep some boxed up at home until I have a more permanent home. I don’t even know how big my room or apartment will be yet. These non-clothing items are definitely my next task.

Even though I may not seem like I have decluttering under control, I do have a few starter tips.

  1. Start small- choose one area of your life to declutter. You can start with clothing, like I did, shoes, pictures on your phone (you don’t realize how many random screenshots, blurry pictures, etc. that you have on your phone), books, home decor, etc. It is much easier to manage one thing at a time.
  2. Think of your friends and family while decluttering. Many of your things may be in good shape and perfect for someone else in your life. Giving presents is fun!
  3. For clothing, go through them often. You may love something the first time through, but a month later you may realize you don’t need it/use it like you thought originally.
  4. Get friends/families opinions. I sent a million snaps of shoes in my closet to my friends asking her to help me choose which to keep and which to donate. Your friends/family see what you use and know what you like so their opinions can help!
  5. Donate anything and everything! You may not love a t-shirt, book, or decorative pillow anymore, but someone out there probably does! It a good way to help others out, but also reduce waste!

I hope some of these tips help. I know I have a long way to go with my decluttering and organizing, but I know it will make for a smoother move and a cleaner room for now. I am also considering creating capsule wardrobes for each season. One of my friends told me about this concept and I am very intrigued! Until next time! 🙂

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