About Me

Thinking about the icebreaker games I’m going to get to play as I start my part-time job training kind of inspired this post. Back when I started my blog I definitely shared some details about myself, but that was almost 3 years ago when I had just ended my freshman year of college. As most of you know, I graduated college and get to join the real world in a couple months! Just thought I would share a bit about myself!

I am a foodie- if you have read/looked back on my posts, many are about food, restaurants, etc. I love cute desserts, but sushi and ramen are my favorite foods by far. I am always craving them.

I am moving to Chicago soon!- that means you can look forward to many Chicago posts, as well as posts on my transition to a full-time job from college life.

I graduated from Indiana University- definitely the best college, but I could be a little biased. Bloomington is a great little college town.

I used to be an avid runner- now I enjoy exercise in many different ways. In the summer, biking is my favorite, but I kind of want to get back into swimming. I was never super amazing at swimming when I was younger, as I ditched it for running, but I swam for so many years of my life, so I think it is really fun.

I have a sister- we are like many sisters where we are super close now that we are older. I am a little over a year older than her, so we have similar interests and both love going to Target for no reason.

I am a vegetarian- I stopped eating meat in middle school. I loved cows and that was my main reason for giving up meat. I love being a vegetarian and I love animals, but I think everyone should eat in a way that works best for them, their bodies, and their values.

I have an Instagram that I started a little bit after this blog. Now its more of a way for me to share the things I am loving, eating, etc. If you want to follow, search adventure__with__ellie and let me know you came from my blog!!

I love all sorts of music- Eminem will always be my favorite. But you can find me listening to anything from country to rap, including songs I loved in middle school (honestly some of my favorite songs are from middle school -probably because I loved it so much)

I was an entrepreneurship and marketing major in college. I grew up making mini businesses with my cousins trying to sell anything and everything to our relatives. I have had so many business ideas over the past few years, but I feel like I have finally come up with something super meaningful to me!

I guess I will leave off there! I hope this wasn’t too self-centered lol. Tell me something interesting about YOU in the comments! Til the next blog đŸ™‚

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