Goodbyes, New Adventures, and Celebrating Successes

This is just going to be a short post with a few of my thoughts. Since I graduated, and most of my friends have too, the past few weeks have been full of goodbyes. I know they aren’t goodbyes forever, but it is sad thinking that I won’t get to see some of my closest friends as frequently as I am used to.

I am pretty lucky because I don’t start my job until August, but many of my friends are already moving. This is sad because of the goodbyes and the fact they won’t be here all summer with me, but I also couldn’t be more excited for them to start new chapters of their lives.

This leads me to my next thought. One of my favorite things is seeing my friends, classmates, etc. start on their lives after college, whether its a new job, grad school, starting a business, or traveling. I feel like this is such an exciting time for all of us and I cannot wait to see everyone’s successes and adventures over the next few years.

Now onto my final thought: be excited for others. Growing up I feel like we can sometimes be too competitive, jealous, or negative about others accomplishments. We shouldn’t feel that way. We should celebrate the successes of our peers and be excited for them. If anything, we can feel motivated by what others around us are doing, but there is no point in being jealous or downplaying the things others are doing to make ourselves feel better. Be proud of what you are doing and what your friends, classmates, coworkers, etc. are doing!

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