Summer Bucket List

Since it is my “last” summer before I move into the working world, I thought it would be fun to post my summer bucket list. None of this is really that crazy or out of the ordinary, but it does include some things I love to do each summer, and some things I can only do in Indy.

  1. Bike to Nicey (popsicle shop in Indy!)
  2. In general, just go to Nicey because I love it
  3. Try Cake Bake (bakery in Indy with fancy slices of cake)
  4. Run everyday for a month (maybe I will learn to love it again)
  5. Blog everyday for a month
  6. Read at least 3 books by August
  7. Go to at least one concert- I’m thinking Dierks Bentley because he puts on a good show and summer is the perfect time for country music!
  8. Go to Ramen Ray with Emi
  9. Go out in Broad Ripple
  10. Go to the Farmer’s Market
  11. Formalize my latest idea
  12. Try the acai bowl that Costco supposedly has in its food court
  13. Go to the quarry
  14. Go on a weekend trip with Connor

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