Favorite College Memories

I posted a bit ago that I graduated from college. I know I will miss it (I do right now), but I also know so much good lies ahead. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite memories from college. Maybe some of you had/will have similar experiences or memories. College is full of fun times, but also hard times. So appreciating the little moments is something that I found myself doing and that can really help during those rougher moments.

  1. Tailgates/football gamedays
  2. Basketball games
  3. Sushi Tuesday’s- we used to go to sushi pretty much every Tuesday and it was the best because of friends and cheaper sushi.
  4. Vlogging- my friend and I vlogged our sophomore year. It was so fun putting all of our memories into videos each week to share with our subscribers.
  5. Staying up way too late, but still waking up early for my 6am runs.
  6. Running a half marathon- I haven’t really liked running since, but knowing that I was so passionate about something for so long is really cool to me. I also trained really hard for it so I could achieve my goal.
  7. Arkansas trip with Connor- it was fun to get out of Bloomington and go to a park I had never been to and enjoy Nashville too.
  8. My 22nd birthday- My 21st was fun, but a lot of my friends couldn’t go out with me, so 22 was even more special because everyone could be there.
  9. Spring break in Miami
  10. The time Lauren, Jack, and I tried to go to a party freshman year but ended up at Qdoba.
  11. Nashville trip with Connor- We got to spend time with Connor’s uncle and see so much of Nashville. Plus, I love country music!
  12. A hike my friends at I took at McCormick’s Creek on an oddly warm winter day
  13. Going to Purdue sophomore and senior year to see Aislinn.
  14. Ohio trip with Connor- I love hiking and I love ramen.
  15. Halloween freshman year

There are a million things I loved about college. But most of all I am just thankful I got to go to college and meet so many amazing people. What was your favorite college memory? OR What are you looking forward to most about college?

I’ll be back with a new post soon 🙂

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