I Graduated!

Hey everyone! I am finally back. I have been pretty MIA the past few weeks, but I really just wanted to enjoy my last few weeks at college and had a ton of group projects to work on.

I am on summer break now. I never thought I would have another summer break, but my job doesn’t start until August, so I’m home for a couple months until I move to Chicago. Until I move I’m going to be working, enjoying my last summer, and prepping for the real world.

Since I last posted, I enjoyed my last Little 500 (a big week at IU), spent time with friends I won’t see for awhile, and went to a few of my favorite restaurants.

I graduated on May 5th, which was really bittersweet. If you don’t know, I majored in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, with a minor in Spanish. I am so happy that I graduated and got my degree, but I am going to miss the fun, motivated, but carefree environment at college. I made great friends who I already miss so much (many are moving to Chicago though!!) and enjoyed many of my classes. Bloomington was a great place to spend the past 4 years and the is perfect college town.

For now, I have quite a few ideas for posts that I will definitely be working on over the next few months, and I am excited to set new goals. I hope you all are doing well and I will see y’all in my next post ๐Ÿ™‚

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