3 Year Blogging Anniversary

It’s been a few days since my last post– I was posting pretty frequently last week but took the weekend to relax with friends and family! I also started my part time job on Tuesday so I was trying to figure that out. But I’m here with a new post on this gloomy Wednesday.

On May 25th, WordPress notified me that it was my blog’s 3 year anniversary. I feel like that is kind of excited. I started this blog as a way to share some of my ideas and just be creative in some way. I didn’t have a plan for how long I would use it or if I would keep up with it. But I’m really happy that I have. I love writing, even if it’s not the best or full of the most interesting stories. I have gotten to read and learn about the other bloggers I follow too, which I really enjoy.

I don’t really think my blog has changed over the years very much. Initially, I think I was trying to find more positivity in my life, so that was a huge part of my blog. Today, I don’t feel like I need to find that anymore, as positivity is a huge part of my daily life. I am thankful my blog helped me become a more positive person.

Looking to the future of my blog– I see many more years of blogging ahead. I am about to embark on a whole new part of my life and I will have lessons, stories, and fun adventures to share (probably some food and restaurants too). I can’t wait to see where I am with blogging next May!


My Favorite Podcasts

Here with a short post today! These are some of my favorite podcasts!

  1. The Health Code
  2. The Advanced Selling Podcast
  3. Getting Curious
  4. In The Arena

Some are more educational, some are more fun, and others are both! I am definitely into podcasts that are helpful for my professional life or my health. But sometimes I just like to listen to interesting conversation and not have to focus so much on the actual content.

What podcasts do you listen to? I listen to these all the time so I’m definitely looking for some new ones to add to the mix.



Decluttering is something I have been trying to do since I returned home from college. I have a couple of months before my move to Chicago and I have a lot of everything. I know I don’t need all of the things spread throughout my room, but for some reason I find so many excuses to keep these things. I think everything has sentimental value. I remember in middle keeping a box full of Taco Bell receipts. I kept them because Taco Bell was where the cross country team would go after our meets. I definitely don’t have them anymore (thankfully lol), but you get the idea.

The most important thing for me to go through, sell, and donate are clothes. I have so many clothes, probably because my whole closet at home is full of my middle/high school favorites and so many t-shirts from cross country. I have done pretty well so far on narrowing down my closet. I took a huge box to Plato’s Closet to sell and have a pile growing daily for Goodwill. And of course, a box of some of my favorites that I think one of my good friends would like!

Even with the decluttering I have done so far, especially clothing wise, I still have so many pieces that I don’t really wear. I know I will have to donate them or give them to a friend, but for some reason I can’t part with them. Hopefully by the end of the summer my wardrobe will be all of my favorite pieces that I wear all the time, work clothes (business casual), and then work out clothes.

With some of the other things cluttering my room, like knick knacks, books, mugs, gnomes (lol), pillows, etc., I think I need a better way of organizing those. It is sort of tricky for me because I will be moving soon and will likely take many of these things with me or keep some boxed up at home until I have a more permanent home. I don’t even know how big my room or apartment will be yet. These non-clothing items are definitely my next task.

Even though I may not seem like I have decluttering under control, I do have a few starter tips.

  1. Start small- choose one area of your life to declutter. You can start with clothing, like I did, shoes, pictures on your phone (you don’t realize how many random screenshots, blurry pictures, etc. that you have on your phone), books, home decor, etc. It is much easier to manage one thing at a time.
  2. Think of your friends and family while decluttering. Many of your things may be in good shape and perfect for someone else in your life. Giving presents is fun!
  3. For clothing, go through them often. You may love something the first time through, but a month later you may realize you don’t need it/use it like you thought originally.
  4. Get friends/families opinions. I sent a million snaps of shoes in my closet to my friends asking her to help me choose which to keep and which to donate. Your friends/family see what you use and know what you like so their opinions can help!
  5. Donate anything and everything! You may not love a t-shirt, book, or decorative pillow anymore, but someone out there probably does! It a good way to help others out, but also reduce waste!

I hope some of these tips help. I know I have a long way to go with my decluttering and organizing, but I know it will make for a smoother move and a cleaner room for now. I am also considering creating capsule wardrobes for each season. One of my friends told me about this concept and I am very intrigued! Until next time! 🙂


About Me

Thinking about the icebreaker games I’m going to get to play as I start my part-time job training kind of inspired this post. Back when I started my blog I definitely shared some details about myself, but that was almost 3 years ago when I had just ended my freshman year of college. As most of you know, I graduated college and get to join the real world in a couple months! Just thought I would share a bit about myself!

I am a foodie- if you have read/looked back on my posts, many are about food, restaurants, etc. I love cute desserts, but sushi and ramen are my favorite foods by far. I am always craving them.

I am moving to Chicago soon!- that means you can look forward to many Chicago posts, as well as posts on my transition to a full-time job from college life.

I graduated from Indiana University- definitely the best college, but I could be a little biased. Bloomington is a great little college town.

I used to be an avid runner- now I enjoy exercise in many different ways. In the summer, biking is my favorite, but I kind of want to get back into swimming. I was never super amazing at swimming when I was younger, as I ditched it for running, but I swam for so many years of my life, so I think it is really fun.

I have a sister- we are like many sisters where we are super close now that we are older. I am a little over a year older than her, so we have similar interests and both love going to Target for no reason.

I am a vegetarian- I stopped eating meat in middle school. I loved cows and that was my main reason for giving up meat. I love being a vegetarian and I love animals, but I think everyone should eat in a way that works best for them, their bodies, and their values.

I have an Instagram that I started a little bit after this blog. Now its more of a way for me to share the things I am loving, eating, etc. If you want to follow, search adventure__with__ellie and let me know you came from my blog!!

I love all sorts of music- Eminem will always be my favorite. But you can find me listening to anything from country to rap, including songs I loved in middle school (honestly some of my favorite songs are from middle school -probably because I loved it so much)

I was an entrepreneurship and marketing major in college. I grew up making mini businesses with my cousins trying to sell anything and everything to our relatives. I have had so many business ideas over the past few years, but I feel like I have finally come up with something super meaningful to me!

I guess I will leave off there! I hope this wasn’t too self-centered lol. Tell me something interesting about YOU in the comments! Til the next blog 🙂


Summer Workout Playlist

I try to work out in some way at least 5 or 6 days a week and during the summer I usually have way more time to make sure I hit that goal! I wanted to share some songs I currently listen to when I work out that get me pumped up and energized. Some of these songs are newer and some are older, so there is a nice variety!

  1. Stardust- Zeds Dead
  2. Me No Care- Zeds Dead
  3. Too Bad- IshDARR
  4. Banana Brain- Die Antwoord
  5. No Days Off- Fetty Wap
  6. Caribou Lou- Tech N9ne
  7. She Doesn’t Mind (Pitbull Remix)- Sean Paul
  8. In My Head- Jason Derulo
  9. Right Above It- Lil Wayne
  10. You’re Never Over- Eminem
  11. Live Your Life- T.I.
  12. Whatever You Like- T.I.
  13. Just Dance- Lady Gaga
  14. Shabba- A$AP Ferg
  15. Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters
  16. No Hands- Waka Flocka Flame
  17. Fight Night- Migos
  18. That’s All She Wrote- T.I.
  19. Love Me Now- John Legend
  20. Teach You To Fly- Wiz Khalifa
  21. Powerglide- Rae Sremmurd
  22. Somebody- Chainsmokers
  23. Youngblood- 5 Seconds of Summer
  24. Plans- Elephante
  25. Flames- David Guetta
  26. Roll In Peace- Kodak Black
  27. Nowhere Fast- Eminem
  28. Trumpets- Jason Derulo
  29. Mmm Yeah- Austin Mahone
  30. Solo- Clean Bandit

What do you listen to when you workout? I am always looking for new songs 🙂


Goodbyes, New Adventures, and Celebrating Successes

This is just going to be a short post with a few of my thoughts. Since I graduated, and most of my friends have too, the past few weeks have been full of goodbyes. I know they aren’t goodbyes forever, but it is sad thinking that I won’t get to see some of my closest friends as frequently as I am used to.

I am pretty lucky because I don’t start my job until August, but many of my friends are already moving. This is sad because of the goodbyes and the fact they won’t be here all summer with me, but I also couldn’t be more excited for them to start new chapters of their lives.

This leads me to my next thought. One of my favorite things is seeing my friends, classmates, etc. start on their lives after college, whether its a new job, grad school, starting a business, or traveling. I feel like this is such an exciting time for all of us and I cannot wait to see everyone’s successes and adventures over the next few years.

Now onto my final thought: be excited for others. Growing up I feel like we can sometimes be too competitive, jealous, or negative about others accomplishments. We shouldn’t feel that way. We should celebrate the successes of our peers and be excited for them. If anything, we can feel motivated by what others around us are doing, but there is no point in being jealous or downplaying the things others are doing to make ourselves feel better. Be proud of what you are doing and what your friends, classmates, coworkers, etc. are doing!


Summer Bucket List

Since it is my “last” summer before I move into the working world, I thought it would be fun to post my summer bucket list. None of this is really that crazy or out of the ordinary, but it does include some things I love to do each summer, and some things I can only do in Indy.

  1. Bike to Nicey (popsicle shop in Indy!)
  2. In general, just go to Nicey because I love it
  3. Try Cake Bake (bakery in Indy with fancy slices of cake)
  4. Run everyday for a month (maybe I will learn to love it again)
  5. Blog everyday for a month
  6. Read at least 3 books by August
  7. Go to at least one concert- I’m thinking Dierks Bentley because he puts on a good show and summer is the perfect time for country music!
  8. Go to Ramen Ray with Emi
  9. Go out in Broad Ripple
  10. Go to the Farmer’s Market
  11. Formalize my latest idea
  12. Try the acai bowl that Costco supposedly has in its food court
  13. Go to the quarry
  14. Go on a weekend trip with Connor