College Series: Junior Year

Junior year is tough, but fun year. Generally, I would say by now you are pretty comfortable at school and know what to expect. For me, junior year had one of my hardest semesters and one of my easiest semesters. I got to do a lot of fun things, but also spent a lot of time applying for internships and interviewing.

There are a few things that impacted my junior year, and these may relate to your experience or junior year in general.

1. Classes

2. Internships

3. Turning 21

Classes obviously impacted my year because the point of college is going to school. The first semester was pretty hard because of the classes I was taking. I was only in 4 classes, but they are considered a huge part of your experience in the business school. I took management, marketing, operations management, and finance. These were the last classes that I had to take before beginning my major. I struggled quite a bit with finance and operations. I couldn’t grasp those subjects as well as other, and I really didn’t enjoy those classes. Management was easy and marketing was interesting to me. What was nice was the actual schedule. I was only in class for 2.5 hours Monday through Thursday. Even though some of the classes were hard, I did survive the semester. My second semester was much better. I started my entrepreneurship major and took a few other required classes. I enjoyed most of the classes and actually got to learn about something I found interesting.

The internship search is pretty common junior year, depending on your major. It was a long process and really tested my motivation and my positivity. I had my very first “professional” interview, then many other interviews. I spent time editing my resume and applying to so many jobs. During this process, you get many rejections, but also many interviews. It can be hard when you get a rejection letter or make it to a second round just to find out someone else got the job. It was easy to feel bad about it, but my best advice is to stay positive and have an open mind during the internship search. I ultimately ended up getting an internship and got to experience the corporate world, which was a good experience.

I turned 21 junior year, and I know many people do! This isn’t the biggest milestone in the world, but the point I want to make is that it affects your social life. All of a sudden you are able to go out with friends whenever you want, any night of the week. It is super fun, but it is important to note that it needs to be balanced with school. I think that is something many people struggle doing. It isn’t fun to have to stay in and study, but in the long run, it is the better option. I do know people who can do it all, but it is important to make sure that balance is there!

Junior Year Advice

  1. Work on time management- find a schedule that works for you and allows you to be productive and efficient. Everyone manages their time differently, but with more school work, more social opportunities, the internship search, jobs, relaxing, etc., it is good to have a system that works for you.
  2. Get your resume ready- If you don’t have a resume yet, make one! There are templates you can follow online, you can ask a friend for help, or your career services office at your school can help!
  3. Apply to many types of internships- Apply to internships that you find interesting or related to your career goals. At first I only applied to things that perfectly matched my major or goal roles, and that doesn’t always work. Eventually, I realized that I should apply to a greater range of internships, so that I could have the opportunity to learn something new.
  4. Have fun- I think this will always be my advice for every year and have the same reasoning. The school aspect of college is very important, but relaxing or hanging out with friends is important too. It is ok to take breaks from school or work to go out to eat, go to the bars, see a movie, etc. Also, at some point during junior year you realize you are close to your very last year of college, so make the most of it!

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